Things To Consider When Buying The Perfect Sun Hat

Selecting a good sun hat is really important. Not only do one out of three of all skin cancers occur on the face but the biggest cause of premature ageing is unnecessary damage from the sun. So, it is important you invest in a good Sun hat. You can explore Solbari – Buy Large Sun Hat Online and ensure you have the a collection perfect for you.

A great and comforting sun protective hat is going to provide protection for your face, nose, head, entire neck and even ears. It is true that the skin is thinner in these areas so it is important to protect these sensitive areas with a good quality sun hat. 

Ask yourself some basic questions

  • What sort of activity will you be doing? Is there going to be wind? Do you require good peripheral vision? Is it going to be hot?
  • Do you want some sort of maximum sun protection or is good sun protection simply fine?
  • Is your hair short, thinning, bald or shaved? Do you actually dye your hair?
  • How wide of a hat brim is comfortable and cosy for you?
  • How critical is the fashion to you or is functionality all you look for?

Now, are you going to be in the wind? With a wide brim hat, a chin strap is definitely crucial for keeping your sun hat in place. What is the point of wearing a sun hat if that hat is simply going to be blown off your head in the wind? The point is you have to figure out for which weather, activity and task you are wearing the hat for. While the sole purpose of your sun hat is to protect you against the sun rays, it is also wise to keep the questions mentioned in mind for better selection.

Brim length

The overall length of the brim is a huge determinant of how protected you are against the rays of the sun. The experts generally recommend a brim length of as a minimum of 7.5cm (for a broad brim sun hat for adults) and somewhat 6cm (for a bucket sort of hat). Remember the length of the hat brim is going to make a great difference in the amount of protection you’re provided with. So, while you pay attention to the fabric, design and looks; brim is critical too.

Check UPF rating

You are acquainted with SPF, which is the sun protective rating for sunscreen. UPF is the rating for clothing which protects against the sun’s rays. Not all fabrics guard the same so it is critical to choose a specialist sun protective hat that uses fabrics with an excellent UPF50+ sort of rating. UPF (that stands for ultraviolet protection factor) is a standardised type of rating system administered by the authorities in different regions of the world.


So, keeping all these considerations in mind, you can make a selection that would not disappoint you. Go for a Sun hat that helps you stay safe, look great and be comfortable. After all, when you pay attention to these things, all you get is a great experience.

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