Things to consider before buying FR Clothes

In this huge bubble called the world, there are various works that are a little bit more dangerous and uncomfortable than the table and a desk job. One of such jobs is working around the fire and for that one needs flame resistant clothes. This kind of clothing, also known as Flame Resistant clothing, is a piece of specialized personal protective clothing which is basically required in many workplaces.

One can get some of the finest FR clothing in FRC at These kinds of clothing are used in works that involve risks of fire or explosion or contact with electrical equipment. Industries that use FR clothing as a method of controlling these accidents include Electricians, Pharmaceutical and chemical work, Electric utility repair and maintenance, Food processing, Paper and pulp manufacturing and Refineries.

Now there are few things to be considered before buying the FR clothes. Let’s have a glance at such tips which must be considered while buying FR clothes:

1) Check the quality of Fabric:

It is very important to check the quality of the fabric before buying any FR clothing. Generally, fabrics made up of natural fibers such as silk and wool does not catch fire easily. The tighter and heavier the wool is, the more difficult it is to catch fire.

There is one advantage with the flame resistant fabrics that they are made to be flame resistant for eternity, as from the very molecular level the FR properties are incorporated. They include the fire protection mechanism in such a way that it doesn’t wash out or wear out and so, regardless of its length of use, the clothing remains flame resistant.

2)  Know the properties of synthetic fiber:

Synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon are difficult to catch fire. They tend to melt if they catch fire by chance.

3) Know the detailed process of manufacturing of other fabrics:

Other fabrics can also be made flame resistant by chemically treating them to extinguish the fire. Manufacturing alternatively produces FR clothing treated with a chemical compound at the final stage, as the chemical will extinguish fire or flame by preventing oxygen from entering.

4) Check whether the material you are buying is toxic or not:

Sometimes you may raise a question regarding the FR garments being toxic in nature. Toxicity may be inevitable especially when the fibers are treated chemically instead of using natural fibers, and thus it can have negative effects on the environment.

5) Check the weight of the garment:

You must check if the weight and the style of the FR garments are perfect and suitable for the practical use of the worker. As because, loose fitted and light weighted FR garments are necessary to ensure the safety of the workers.

6) Know in detail the intricacy of the material:

ATPV i.e. Arc Thermal Performance Value outlines the performance of FR material when it is exposed to electrical discharge. So, in that case, a good ATPV rating is highly required.

7) Check the safety standards of the product:

One should assure before buying that whether the product meets regulatory requirements and the safety standards.

8) Check the quality and life expectancy of garments:

Before choosing the perfect FR clothes, one should also assure the life expectancy of the garment and how soon it must be replaced.


When it comes to FR clothing, this information will definitely help to make a wise and educated choice. One must invest in researching and choosing the right FR garment that will not only ensure safety but will also provide durability and comfort during work. Hope these tips will help you while choosing the right FR clothing.

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