Things To Carry On A Camping Trip With Kids

Your kids have been begging you to take them camping for weeks, and you have finally found the perfect weekend to do it. The kids are excited about staying outdoors and pitching a tent, where they will watch the stars at night. You are also excited, but anxious since camping with kids can be quite frustrating. If this is you, then worry not! Kids can take a toll on you, especially when it comes to camping, and it is prudent to be always prepared. The first thing to do is to pack. Below are some of the things that you will need on your camping trip with the kids.

• Sleeping Supplies

If you are planning to tent camp, then you will need a tent. It is crucial to ensure that you buy one that best suits your family. Also, ensure that you have practiced beforehand, how to set it up so that you can avoid frustrations later during the trip. You will also need sleeping bags or blankets, whichever you prefer to keep you and the kids warm at night. Also, you will need a sleeping pad or an air mattress to sleep on in the tent. For the kids, it is vital to carry their favorite stuffed animal for them to cuddle with at night. This will help them avoid being anxious since they are away from home.

• First Aid Kit

When it comes to camping, safety is paramount. It is essential to be prepared that the kids may get a few scratches or cuts along the way. This is where a first aid kit comes in. It should be a priority during camping and something that should not be ignored.

• Hand Sanitizer

Camping is an opportunity for the kids to explore different things and have a hands-on learning experience. They will have a lot of fun playing around, and therefore it is crucial to ensure that they keep their hands clean before eating to avoid diseases. Also, the camp bathrooms may not have enough water; consequently, it is prudent to be one step ahead and have a hand sanitizer.

• Portable Generator

To make camping fun, you need to have basic comforts, and most of them require a reliable power source. If you are staying in a campsite in the woods, for example, you will need to carry a camp friendly portable generator. It will provide power for your phones, laptops, Bluetooth speaker, and other electrical devices that you might have. It will also be your source of light and ensure that you are safe in the dark. However, when camping, it is advised to avoid installing the portable generator too close to the tent. Doing so will be uncomfortable since you will have to bear with the loud noise and the deadly fumes that are not good for your health. Also, ensure that the generator is always kept dry to prevent it from electrocuting someone. Also, avoid smoking or having open flames near the generator as it is highly flammable. Also, keep your mobile phone away from it while you are refueling it to ensure that you are safe.

• Camp-Friendly Snacks

One of the critical things that you should not forget when traveling with kids is camp friendly snacks. Pack lots of snacks for the road and also the campsite. Some of the ideas include nuts, fruits, chips, popcorn, gummy bears, and bread. You can also carry some healthy options such as yogurt, granola bars, boiled eggs, and dried fruit. You can also pack marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers to make s’ mores. The kids will enjoy this, and it will be one of the highlights of their trip.

• Adequate Clothing

It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to carry enough clothes for the children. Keep in mind that they will stain and dirty the clothes, so you need to have extras for them to change to as they will be playing in the dirt. Also, ensure that you pack a variety of shoes for the trip. You should carry some hiking shoes, water shoes, and even sandals to ensure that you can change accordingly.

Your kids will love the camping experience and will not stop talking about it when they get home. However, to ensure that it is successful, it is crucial to ensure you have everything you will all need. From the above points, you will be able to pack the important stuff. Also, do not forget to carry some sunscreen to protect yourselves while outdoors.

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