Things Nobody Tells You About Moving

Moving into a new home can be equally exciting and stressful. A new beginning is great, but it involves a lot of packing, and organizing and requires a lot of physical strength. If you are moving for the first time, you are not alone. Everyone who has moved in the past knows that the process can be really tedious and stressful. With that in mind, we are here to make moving houses easier for you. Here are a few things nobody tells you about moving house and the ones you should keep in mind. 

It is never too soon to start 

Many people often put so much effort into planning the layout of the new home and creating the perfect space that they forget to give time to organizing the move itself. The experts at JIT Moving, one of the top Phoenix movers, state, “Keep in mind that packing and moving are two different tasks, and they can take weeks or months of planning. This is why it is best to start packing as soon as you can.” It will help keep everything ready and organized for the moving day. The most difficult part is to start packing, but you need to divide the task into small steps so that they fall in place later on. It can make the process so much easier when you have everything planned out. 

Your daily schedule will be disrupted

Moving to a new house will be time-consuming, and if you have a full-time job, you may not get enough free time to handle the packing and organizing. That said, it will be a struggle to combine both work and move on the same day or week. You will have to take a day off to ensure that the move is smooth. 

You will be anxious and stressed 

Irrespective of the type of person you consider yourself to be, we can assure you that there will be stress around moving, and it is as real as it can get. A lot of people try their best to enjoy the moving process, but when D-day comes, they feel very stressed and anxious. It is normal to go through such feelings when there is such a big decision and a huge life change. 

You have more stuff than you thought

It will come as a shock to you to see the number of items you actually own. Only when you start to pack you will notice the sheer number of personal belongings you have. Items that you thought were once important and held value might no longer be useful to you now. This even happens when you are cleaning the home. But it is best to sort through all the items and only keep the ones you actually require. Give stuff to charity or have a garage sale and declutter the home. 

You will forget something 

This is something you cannot prevent. The entire process of moving can be mentally and emotionally exhausting, which is why it is certain that something will be left behind. But you can handle this situation with checklists. Start making checklists a few weeks in advance so that the process of moving house is quick and easy. Do not make them too complicated, use a simple pen and paper or use an Excel file. Take a couple of hours to list down everything you can think of, and keep the paper and pen handy so that you can add to it whenever you want to. Don’t just list items, you can also list the important tasks in case something goes wrong. 

Having kids around will make it tough

Yes, it is a beautiful memory when you watch your kids react to the new home and they start jumping in excitement to see their room, but this will take time. There is a lot that goes into the moving process before you can let your kids jump on their beds. It is ideal to leave the kids with someone they are familiar with. You can also ask your family or friends to look after them on the day of the move. If you can leave the kids for two-three days with your family or close friends, it will give you a chance to unpack and set up their space. It can also speed up the process of them getting used to the new house. 

Keep in mind that everything does not have to be perfect. You are doing your best to organize everything, and the process will go as smoothly as possible. It is okay if you need to ask for help or have boxes lying around for a few weeks until you have the time and energy to feel strong enough to take care of them.