These 32 Healthy Snacks for Diabetics Won’t Spike Blood Sugar

There aren’t too many healthy snacks for diabetics you can buy in the stores.

People are scared to make a move and buy some because companies have their way of hiding the sugar somewhere in there.

Healthy snacking is important. Let’s be honest with ourselves here. There is no way we can survive without snacks. Especially if you have a desk job or you work from home.

However, these snacks shouldn’t endanger your health and give you diabetes.

Recent studies show how almost half of all Americans are suffering from diabetes or are pre-diabetic. That’s obvious because the average American diet contains lots of sugar, carbs, and fat from the processed foods they eat.

If your body is burning the glucose to fuel itself, your blood sugar consistently elevates its level up and promotes to insulin resistance.

By the same path, foods that contain high glycemic index will cause a spike in the blood sugar levels. When these levels crash, you seek for those cravings that will satisfy your “sweet tooth” on a short term. That’s not the only danger. This way of living creates insulin resistance on a long term.

With that said, are there any healthy snacks for diabetics out there?

Yes, there are!

1. Broccoli and Cheese Dip (you can easily swap for vegan cheese)

These 32 Healthy Snacks for Diabetics Won’t Spike Blood Sugar
The Lean Green Bean

2. Buffalo Spiced Nuts

3. Carrot Sticks and Hummus

4. Celery with Nut Butter

5. Chia Seed Pudding

6. Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms

7. Avocado Matcha Smoothie

8. Avocado Topped with Bacon and Eggs

9. Baba Ghanoush

These 32 Healthy Snacks for Diabetics Won’t Spike Blood Sugar

10. Baked Broccoli Tots – Substitute with gluten free bread crumbs to help lower the carbs.

11. Berry Freezer Pops

12. Breakfast Kale Egg Cups

13. Fenugreek and Onion Flatbread

14. Hard Boiled Eggs

15. Italian Sub Roll-Ups

16. Low Carb Cheese and Bacon Egg Muffins

17. Mini Southwestern Style Frittatas

18. Mixed Bean Salad

These 32 Healthy Snacks for Diabetics Won’t Spike Blood Sugar
Reader’s Digest

19. Salmon – grilled or smoked on top of an avocado with scrambled eggs

20. Salt and Vinegar Zucchini Chips

21. Sunflower Seeds

22. Sweet Potato Toast

23. Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

24. Tuna on Tomato Slices

25. Veggies and Guacamole

These 32 Healthy Snacks for Diabetics Won’t Spike Blood Sugar

26. Mixed nuts – almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, macadamia, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts.

27. Olives

28. Paleo Broccoli “Cheese” Snacks

29. Paleo Tuna Salad Nori Wraps

30. Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

31. Pumpkin Spice Granola – Go easy on any extra maple syrup.

32. Rosemary Parmesan Roasted Chickpeas

33. Salmon – grilled or smoked on top of a cucumber with hummus

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