There is New Discovery About the Danger of McDonald’s French Fries

I know how much you and your kids enjoy a great meal from McDonald’s. It’s fast and delicious.

Doesn’t that make you suspicious?

If you need 20 or 30 minutes to make a burger at home, how come McDonald’s has it ready for a few seconds?

Let’s leave that for other times. Now, let’s focus on this new discovery.

It’s said that the french fries contain Silly Putty Ingredient and Petroleum Chemical. That’s nothing unexpected, but let’s see what it means.

Brain Damage?

The study focuses on the enjoyment of a particular McDonald’s meal. The french fries. It was found that the fries really contain spuds.

The following discovery came out pretty disturbing for people to know. But, you have to know it.

The list of dangerous ingredients contains 19 items. The most disturbing one is the dimethylpolysiloxane. This is a form of silicone found in Silly Putty.

Other ingredients that attract attention here are the tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ), petrol-based chemical, and hydrogenated soybean oil (manufactured form of trans fat).

This isn’t enough evidence for you to ditch fast processed foods?

Let’s take a closer look.


Oh, my god. The fast-food chain companies are satisfying our hunger with silicone?

This ingredient has been brought into the spotlight in 2014. You probably remember when it was revealed that Subway’s bread contains an ingredient that’s also used in Yoga mats.

Since then, dimethylpolysiloxane became an enemy and should be avoided. For eating, of course.

If you do some research, The McDonald’s fries ingredient can be easily found in aquarium tank sealants, hair conditioners, and mold release agents.

The picture is vivid. This ingredient can’t be resolved in our stomach, at least not entirely.

Furthermore, the researcher has revealed that the french fries contain formaldehyde. That’s a highly toxic chemical that causes brain damage, cancer, autoimmune disorders and allergies.


At the end of the research, Vani Hari has noted that the McDonald’s fries are absolutely the worst possible. Worst than those made in Europe. Basically, the Europe chain uses salt, sugar, potatoes, and vegetable oils.


After this yoga mat ingredient, we came to the TBHQ. If you do some research about this ingredient you will probably find this website:

It’s said here that this is a phenol used to stabilize foods, vegetable oils, and fats against oxidative deterioration. This means that the storage life will be longer.

Continuing to explore the site, you will find something devastating. This ingredient is also used in perfumes and biodiesel.

What does it tell you?

Last but not least, the soybean oil

According to a research conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health, the soybean oil is called the “Silent Killer”.

The researchers have connected at least 100,000 cardiac deaths to this killer. If people replaced trans fat with some healthier option, the number would’ve been drastically lower.

Even with these frightening results, people still bring their kids to McDonalds. It’s fast and what kids want. I know. But you have to stop doing it.

I don’t see any of you eating the yoga mat or drinking perfumes or biodiesel.

Think about it.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends. They need to be warned, too.

Source: Wise Mind Healthy Body

2 thoughts on “There is New Discovery About the Danger of McDonald’s French Fries”

  1. The reason that it is quicker to make a burger at a restaurant is because of 2 things, the prep work (and heating up the cooking surface) is done already and they use higher heat.
    That being said I still don’t know anyone who could burgers for 20 minutes

  2. Not that I’m defending McDonald’s here, the fries aren’t good for us. Anything deep fried is bad for us. This article is trying to scare people into making them sound poisonous though. Polydimethylsiloxane is a common polymer used in many, many human applications and is non-toxic. In food preparation it is used as an anti-foaming agent so that fry oil will remain stable during cooking. An argument could even be made that it may help the digestive process because it keeps fats from sticking to cell walls as well as they could, being a very slick polymer. In non-food, you can expect to find C2H6OSi in things all through your house, such as one’s contacts lenses, shampoos and conditioners, and cosmetics. It’s used widely in biomedical practices and procedures, including over-the-counter carminatives, plasma procedures, and breast implants.
    Not defending nasty fries at all. I was just very disappointed with the article, you didn’t even site your ‘source’. It would have been a much better read if you had just said:

    “McDonald’s Fries: they’re really bad for you and we both know it. Maybe eat an apple instead. The end.”

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