The Watch Brands that all Rappers are Wearing

We’re all in one way or another influenced by the fashion sense of our favorite celebrities. Depending on who wears what, even the simplest of jewelry or accessory can manage to transform and include itself in an entire culture. Hip-hop culture is no different. 

If all celebrities can shape and influence the fashion industry,then rappers are no different. Hip hop culture has always exhibited luxury, whether through luxury sports cars, expensive outfits, or premium accessories. That being said, anyone would want to know what their favorite star prefers in their wardrobe. 

When talking about rappers watches and what they prefer, there are many market choices. While the preference is diverse, there is some notable industry that the entire industry can be seen having a liking towards. 

Top Watch Brands Worn by Rappers

The hip-hop industry is filled with watch connoisseurs with exquisite taste. The brands that will be mentioned are obviously preferred by multiple rappers. Every rapper has multiple preferences depending on the occasion and, quite frankly, just the outfit for the situation. 

All things considered, let us talk about each brand individually and what rappers prefer them rather than the opposite for our own ease. 

Richard Mille

Richard Mille is a magnificent Swiss watchmaking brand that is preferred by many rappers on the forefront of hip hop. From Jay Z to Pharrel Williams, the rappers thoroughly enjoy themselves showing off this designer’s addition in their watch collections. 

If you haven’t heard of Richard Mille, don’t stress yourself out. While this designer isn’t the most popular, its addition to the collection is definitely a pride to many connoisseurs. Honestly, it would be to anyone considering how premium it is! 


This is a designer that is not only worn by some of the most famous personalities of the industry, it also one that Jay Z partnered up with. Yep, you read that right, Jay Z. In 2013, therenowned artist had an exclusive collaboration with the designer, and the watch was something you’d probably be imagining already with its affluent gold dial and color.

Not only Jay Z but the ever-famous Birdman has been spotted with this exclusive brand as well, almost like a signature watch to himself. He’s rarely seen without his Hublot King Power Split. The watch is said to be tailored for people who have a liking for expensive things mostly, so basically most of the hip hop industry. 

Audemars Piguet

Whether you are fond of watches or not, Audemars Piguet is a brand that very few rappers haven’t worn or mentioned in their songs. This watch has even been worn on the Grammys by none other than Rick Ross. To further the agenda of its premium feel, the manufacturer makes its watches in fewer quantities, making them only more exclusive in their nature. 


Jay Z, Drake, Future, Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj, at this point,there’s rarely any rapper who hasn’t shown their liking towards this lavish brand. No matter where you find your favorite celebrities of the hip hop industry, you’ll find a Rolex on their wrists on one occasion or another. 

Whether in Nicki Minaj’s “Beez in the Trap” music video or Meek Mill at a basketball game, or Dr. Dre just anywhere, a Rolex is a prominent part of most to all of the hip hop industry’s preferred wrist wear. These watches are premium and a perfect fit for all kinds of fashion


The hip-hop industry is filled with watch connoisseurs housing some of the most significant watch collections. These collections have all kinds of watches ranging from higher quality to higher prices and, in times, even both.