The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding is a special event, not just for the bride and groom but also for the families involved. And when it comes to an Indian wedding, they often turn out to be a grand affair that along with loads of glitter and glamour, also involves a bucket load of expenditure. However, what can make things easier is planning your wedding well in advance, to avoid any last-minute mess up and unexpected spendings. We have created a checklist for the ultimate wedding planning to make the special day even more memorable for both the couple and the guests.

It is essential to organise one thing at a time rather than jumping the gun and making multiple lists in random places at the same time. The best way to go about planning a wedding is to maintain a file and make a few hard copies of the lists for the other people involved in the planning.

Planning the budget

The first and foremost aspect that one needs to take care of before any event, especially an event as grand as a wedding is a budget. Planning, organising and changing a few elements in the main event here and there is an ongoing process. However, once the budget is finalised the rest of the needs, demands, and desires can be fulfilled and planned accordingly. It is also advisable to put aside a surplus amount that is not part of the budget but an emergency fund that might be required on or around the D-day. It is most important to close the budget before even thinking about anything else on that big fat wedding planning checklist. It not only helps you organise the event better but also enables you to save a lot of money if it is planned well in advance.

The Guest List

The next and equally important aspect that should be taken care of during the wedding planning is the guest list. Some like to invite only close friends and family; some would want to see the extended family on their special event. Everybody has different preferences when it comes to inviting people, so it is a good idea to set the guest list well in advance. It would be a good practice to confirm who will not be turning up and who needs to be invited in advance considering their busy schedule. Inviting guests is one aspect which should never be rushed, as you want all your keen and dear ones to be present on your special day. You can also put the guests in various categories such as office, friends, neighbours, family, etc. for easier reference while making the final list.

The Venue Selection

Despite your whirlwind romance and desire to get married immediately, due to the lack of the availability of the venue of your choice, quite often the wedding dates also get postponed or preponed. It is always a good idea to have multiple options of venues on your list, as all of the plans would become a fruitful subject to the availability of the choice of venue. The venue selection also involves space and location that should also be feasible or made feasible for the guests who have been approved in the final list. So make sure that you book your dream wedding well in advance, months before the date to avoid any last-minute change of plans due to the lack of the choice of venue.

Cakes and Caterers

Irrespective of which culture you belong to, a wedding cake has now gradually become a part of the wedding extravaganza. One of the best places to order a wedding cake is India cakes. You can pre-order it and get it customised according to your fancies. Apart from the cake, comes one of the essential factors that holds any event, and especially a wedding together is the food. As easy as it may sound to book a caterer for your big day, a lot goes into planning the menu. Often the venue provides catering options, but in offbeat locations or venues that only offer space for the event to take place, one has to look for good caterers separately. Make a few contacts, try out the various options and combinations while deciding the menu and make the wedding experience unique and delectable.


Another essential part of a wedding is a good photographer and cameraman. As beautiful an experience a wedding can be for both the couple and the guests, what good is a grand event without a few memories to look back to. Photographers and cameramen often come with a package to cover the entire wedding preparation a few days before the wedding up to the day of the main event. The budget for both is often flexible, and if one tries, one can get hold of someone who suits both their purpose and their budget.

Weddings are a huge deal; they are not something that can be compiled within a short checklist. There are significant points that should be ticked off first before you move on to other important aspects of weddings, such as dresses and jewellery. Make sure you are very careful with the list because one mistake can create hurdles in the planning process.

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