The Ultimate Holiday Within Your Budget – Your Home On Wheels

The Introduction

They say that the more you travel, the more you learn about the world, but, more importantly, the more you learn about yourself. It’s a dream come true for most if you manage to take time out of your busy schedule and go on a vacation.

Unfortunately, it isn’t a possibility for everyone. The expenditure involved in traveling, from hoteling to transport, isn’t something that most of us can afford. 

But, the ideal solution to this problem is to travel nationally, rather than internationally. And, if you get yourself an RV – a recreational van, then you don’t have to worry about lodging, transport, or even food. It’s home on wheels, without the hassle of being permanently fixed in a spot for the rest of your life.

However, buying a recreational van is no small investment, either. Most younger couples and war veterans go for RV, without a backward glance. And, you may even come across a large family of five or six that prefer to home-school their kids, and prefer they learn from real-life experiences rather than from a textbook.

So, read on to find out about the relevant considerations to keep in mind before you put your money where your mouth is.

Factors That Matter Before Purchasing A Recreational Van

Getting yourself an RV involves a hefty amount. It may be an asset that adds to your investment portfolio. And, even if you’re thinking of giving up your permanent residence, and simply living out of an RV, it requires a serious commitment. Thus, any person would ask you to weigh the pros and cons before making a final decision.

Get To Know Your RVs

There are nine different types of RV out in the market. But, the very first decision you would have to make is whether you would like to drive the RV or tow the RV. Only after that, you do get to consider the layout within the RV. 

For the ones that you can drive, you get Class A, B, or C, with different fuel options. For the towable RVs, you can get fifth-wheel campers, toy haulers, travel trailers, teardrop camper, and the pop-up camper. 

Get To Know The Worth Of The RVs

Now, this may sound strange, but the RV is the only fixed asset that depreciates as soon as it leaves the dealer’s lot. Thus, most dealers recommend getting yourself a used RV, rather than a brand new one, especially if you happen to be a first-time RVer.

You see, RVing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. And, many people only realize this fact after they invested some hard cash into a brand new RV. So, if you want to go back to your home and sell off your RV, you pitch a fit finding out that the value of the RV has depreciated more than 20%, right after you drove it around the block.

Get A Good Look At The Tires

You have to realize that a blowout in an RV is far more dangerous than in a passenger car. Thus, it’s absolutely essential to make sure that the tires on your RV are in mint condition, irrespective of the RV being new or used. 

The general rule is to change your tires every five years, even if the RV isn’t used too much.

Get To Know The Seller

There are many reputable dealers out there who will provide you with the best options suited to your needs. But, you may wind up paying more in commissions. But, if you aren’t careful, then you land up being fooled by scammers. 

And, trust us when we say this, that there are a lot of scammers out there. Your best bet is to be as thorough as you possibly can with the numbers and inspection as you can. Also, if someone asks you to wire them the money or pay via check, then the red flags should go up.

Get To Know If The RV Has Insurance

If you’re buying a new RV, get insurance. But, if you are going for a used one, then check up on the insurance. Make sure that the previous insurance payments are all cleared up. 

And, to be on the safe side, make sure that the used Rv that you are getting for yourself hasn’t sustained any severe damage from previous accidents because that will significantly affect the resale price of your RV.

Get A Good Look Around The RV

If it’s a new RV, then you still ought to make sure that all the electronics, plumbing, fixtures, and the various computerized options that are being sold to you function 100%.

On the other hand, if you are going for a used RV, then you need to get a good look around. Make sure there is no molding around the vents. You need to be certain that there is no rusting inside or outside the RV. Thus, if you push at the walls, there shouldn’t be too much give to them.

Then, you have to ensure there isn’t any floor damage, and the plumbing works perfectly, too. If you want to get a good idea about the proper functioning of an RV, we’d recommend checking out The Wandering RV on the net. 

All in all, we would advise you to take along a friend who knows his/her RV. A second opinion can make a huge difference in making the right decision.

In Conclusion

Ever heard of the phrase, ‘haste makes waste.’ Well, there’s a lot of wisdom in those three words. So, take your time deciding before you pay up. And, the best thing to do is research about what you are truly interested in when it comes to RVs. You may even want to make up a list of your needs, as a couple, family, or individual that ought to be present in the RV you want to get for yourself.

There are plenty of articles and blogs that will provide useful information. And, before you truly buy an RV for yourself, try out borrowing one from a friend to discover if you have what it takes to be an RVer. 


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