The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For New Parents

As my kids enter their teen years with reckless abandon, the memories of the early days leave me longing to share the lessons learned far and wide. What better way is there to give back, after all, than helping the newest generation of parents get through the baby days? The holidays make it easy to do just that, too, by letting you shower new parents with helpful gifts they’re sure to love. So, let’s forge ahead together by using this ultimate holiday gift guide for new parents to ease the oft-bumpy transition into parenthood.

1. Specialty Gift Baskets

New parents often try to survive on granola bars, crackers, and other snacks, leaving them craving comfort food STAT. In fact, as each day blends into the next, nothing sounds better than mac n’ cheese, chicken noodle soup, freshly baked cookies, and the like. To satisfy this, Spoonful of Comfort offers specialty food gift baskets, including a new parent care package, to order and send out whenever you like. With that, you can nourish your giftees with pure deliciousness – without having to tidy up your kitchen afterward.

2. Food Delivery Gift Cards

While receiving gift basket delights is a special winter-time gift, new parents will also need grocery store items as well. But who wants to pack up their new baby and walk the store aisles in search of all the items on their list? No one, that’s who. Luckily for them, food delivery gift cards are a great way to help get the household their pantry staples, frozen foods, and fridge items with ease. 

3. Family Photo Session

You can never have enough photos of the family, especially during the first few years. Children go from babes-in-arms to toddlers and on to preschool and beyond in no time flat, after all. To capture all those changes in real time, get the new parents in your life a family photo session for the holidays. They’ll love the ease of having a professional photographer snap beautiful photos of their family to cherish forevermore.

4. Weighted Sleep Mask

When a new baby enters the world, sleep comes when it comes. New parents must learn how to catch a little shuteye whenever the opportunity arises, resulting in daytime naps more often than not. To help them make the most of those little forays into the dream world, gift them their own weighted sleep masks. The gentle pressure helps bring sleep fast plus keeps the mask fully blocking out all light while they rest.

5. Neck and Back Massager

Babywearing definitely helps keep babies happy and promotes bonding, but it’s not all that great for the parent’s back and neck. Rocking little ones to sleep wreaks havoc on the body, too, even while sitting in the nicest chairs. A fancy neck and back massager can help relieve all that tension though, helping new parents feel better fast. Since they’re not likely to have any hands free, go for the ones you can wear, so they can get a massage while rocking their baby to sleep.

6. Smart Mug Warmer

As sleep proves ever elusive, a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea feels like a godsend. But then, the baby cries and you’re suddenly off to tend to their needs, resulting in a lukewarm drink yet again. Avoiding that is simple, however, and all it takes is a smart mug warmer. With this innovative device on the counter, new parents can keep their beverage toasty warm until they’re ready to come back to it. Get each parent their own, so everyone can stay well hydrated and satisfied with their drinks.

7. Touch Night Light

One eternal truth of parenthood: When things go bump in the night, the baby wakes up, nixing all hope of sleep for hours to come. As soon as that realization sets in, new parents will do whatever it takes to move silently through the night. You can make it easier by putting a touch nightlight in their hands. With one quick tap, these fancy nightlights fill the room with a soft glow needed for truly stealthy moves.

8. Robotic Vacuum

“Who has time for chores?! We’ve got a baby to raise.” You hear the call, so jump into action with the gift of a robotic vacuum. This little device clears all the floors of debris, so new parents can focus on what truly matters: feeding, rocking, and admiring their little bundle of joy. Bonus points go out for one that docks into the wastebasket and empties all the dust and debris without a hint of oversight.

9. Cleaning Service

Although it’s a true tech marvel, robotic vacuums can only do so much. So, if you want to gift the new parents in your life with a spic-and-span household, a cleaning service is the way to go. You can hire professional cleaners to come through once for a deep clean. Or go all out with multiple cleaning visits spread out across the first few months of sleepless nights and groggy days. Either way, the giftees will undoubtedly rejoice whenever their cleaning crew arrives to tidy up.

10. Dog Walking Help

Finding time to walk the dog can prove challenging as new parents attend to the baby’s every need. As the walks grow ever shorter – or worse yet, go completely to the wayside – guilt sets in fast. Fortunately, dog walkers can keep pups and their parents happy by stepping up to handle the regular jaunts around the neighborhood. You just have to set up daily walks for the first few months to free them from guilt.

The new parents in your life will surely love to receive any of these gifts this holiday season. So, shop to your heart’s content with the knowledge that you’ll be helping them transition into the world of parenthood with ease.