The Ultimate Guide to Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss

Going healthy is the best diet plan you can be on. But that’s not the trick. It’s more like a lifestyle.

Developing healthy habits is not just reaching the goal and back to basics.

Once you go healthy, you can never go back!

That should be your motto.

If you are seeking for effective diet with immediate results, let me welcome the Mediterranean diet plan.

In the next couple of minutes I will try to bring this diet plan on your plate.

The biggest reason why people quit this diet is because they do it, see results, and go on with their unhealthy life.

After you see results, you HAVE to continue with that plan. It should be your way of living, not a short-term goal.

This diet is a healthy diet so you won’t need to worry about negative effects because there aren’t any.

I tried this diet a few years ago and I can say it has some unbelievable results.

The origins

The name says everything. This diet comes from the Mediterranean part of the world.

It requires that you eat foods that are traditional in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea.

Meat lovers will find this diet plan really hard because meat and carbs are not that incorporated here.

It’s based on plant foods and monounsaturated fats.

As I mentioned before, this weight loss diet is considered healthy because it has all the basics of healthy eating such as veggies, fruits, fish and whole grains.

The components

The components of this diet are really simple. It doesn’t require some hard changes from your side. They are here to make the path easier and effective.

  •      Exercising
  •      More consumption of fish and poultry instead of red meat
  •      More plant based foods (fruits and vegetables)
  •      Less use of salt and more use of herbs and spices for flavor
  •      More use of olive and canola oils (low in trans-fats)
  •      Moderate use of red wine

The perfect chart

It’s way easier when someone tells you what meals to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But where is the fun and variety in that?

The reason why people love this diet is because of its endless options for daily meals.

It’s more of a lifestyle with different foods, activities, and hanging out with red wine.

Here is a chart that could serve as an example moving forward:


Do you think you can manage? – I know you can.

This is only an example. Feel free to make yourself one, but keep it in the diet’s range.

The 3-Hour Rule

This diet comes with a rule.

Just like dating requires 3-days rule. I’m kidding of course.

The Mediterranean Diet recommends a 3-hour gap between meals. This helps your digestive system to finish the process.

This is the perfect gap for you to drink water and speed up the weight loss process.

Another important thing for this diet is its focus. The Mediterranean Diet focuses on the quantity of food apart from the food’s quality.

This list will give you a vivid picture of the quantity of the foods going forward.

  •      Milk – 1 cup = 250 ml
  •      Yogurt – 1 portion = 240 gr./ 8.35 ounces
  •      Cheese – 1 portion = 45 gr. / 1.6 ounces
  •      Chicken or fish – 200 gr = 8.7 ounces
  •      Legumes – 300 gr. = 2/3 pound
  •      Raw nuts – 30 gr. / 1 ounce
  •      Cereals rich in fiber – 30 gr. / 1 ounce
  •      Dried foods – 100 gr. = 3.5 ounces

The next time you see a recipe without measurements, this chart will help you.

It’s also useful if you want to have a short meal, but you don’t know how much of it you need.

To stay within the borders of this diet, you need to go with this.

Key foods

Knowing the key foods of any diet will give you easier time going forward.

The Mediterranean Diet requires foods that are rich in antioxidants and monounsaturated fats.

This means with this diet you will reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, and other diseases.

This leads to:

  •      Whole grains (rich in fibers and nutrients)
  •      Fruits and Vegetables (rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants)
  •      Beans (natural source of proteins, complex carbohydrates, and iron)
  •      Fish (rich in proteins, omega-3 fatty acids)
  •      Poultry (chicken and turkey)
  •      Olive Oil (extra virgin olive oil)
  •      Nuts and Seeds (rich in healthy fat, alpha linolenic acids, and omega 3-fatty acids)
  •     Red Wine

The Mediterranean Diet is getting better and better.

But let’s see how good it is by focusing on its benefits:

Health Benefits of Mediterranean Diet

Every health diet has a strong side. Using all of these foods for this diet leads to major health benefits.

Most of the diets incorporate the same foods and that’s why it’s recommended to stay healthy all the time.


I know this diet is for weight loss.

Making it a habit, your daily routine, your source of health, and your favorite plan will lead to even bigger benefits.

Your weight loss will come to a certain point when it’s going to be hard to go down.

You will look sexy and attractive with all the exercises you’ve been doing.

By continuing to eat healthy and even making your own diet plan, the success will remain and you are going to feel bigger and bigger advantages.

I’m still on the Mediterranean diet. It’s a modified version in order to fit the needs for my body.

I know you will do the same thing.

Share this ultimate guide to the Mediterranean diet with your friends.

It’s better when you have someone you can share an experience and meal with.

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