The Trending Back Covers for the iPhone 7

iPhones have been a never-ending trend that promises security, class, and definition. Owning an iPhone means crystal clear selfies, amazing quality of videos and a plethora of other features right on your fingertips. iPhones are a huge deal for teens nowadays and with each new model rolling out, the market is always tight.

However, there has been said a lot about it’s built. The glossy, sleek finish is a delight to the eyes but the delicate body is always at a risk of breaking up with the smallest blow. The new iPhone 7 has come with various upgraded features but the body remains the same. To save your iPhone 7’s body from any scratches and cracks, choose an appropriate back case from the best ones we’ve listed below.

#1. Dark Camo iPhone 7 Mobile Cover

This chic and minimal design case is best if you want to keep your phone safe and simple. Camo prints have always been in style and give your phone a sober appearance. The matte finish add to the look and definition of the casing.

The case is made of polycarbonate hard plastic. The high-quality print ensures that there is no peeling or wearing off of the prints. The all side design covers 100% of the phone’s body, protecting it from all sides.

#2. Batman Vintage iPhone 7 Mobile Cover (BML)

Gift your DC lovers this amazing iPhone 7 back case right away! What would be better than Batman protecting your iPhone? Like Gotham, your phone needs him!

The quality of the case is unmatchable with easy access to all the buttons. Polycarbonate hard plastic build gives the cover impeccable resistance from hard blows. The print is crystal clear and precise. Give your favorite superhero a chance to protect your phone because Batman has no limits!

#3. Dark Florals iPhone 7 Mobile Cover

Flowers have a beautiful aesthetic appeal to themselves. Sticking that beauty to your phone covers sound great, right? There are only two words for this exquisite and eye-pleasing Floral Printed cover – BUY IT!

The case’s material is highly durable and it efficiently protects your phone from all sides. It guarantees 100% protection with smooth edges and sleek design. The print quality ensures popping colors and no fading. The cover comes with complete access to your phone buttons and ensures that your charm never goes down!

#4. Watermelons iPhone 7 Mobile Cover

Top up your cute summer outfits with this refreshing summer essential watermelon phone cover. The bright colors and soothing effects of watermelon are much needed for rocking your summer OOTD under the scorching sun.

Prints come with a no-peeling, no-fading guarantee. The cover is built of polycarbonate hard plastic making it break-proof. Appropriate cutouts for speakers, camera etc. make it a great choice at a low price. Be summer ready with cute dresses and watermelons!

#5. Classic Camo iPhone 7 Mobile Cover

This classic camo phone cover reminds us of the Indian Army! Like our brave soldiers protect us from all catastrophes, this cover will protect your phone from all falls and blows. The superior grip and HD print quality make it an impeccable companion for your iPhone.

Its material is solid and break-resistant just like our jawans! The camera and speaker cutouts are apt with easily accessible phone buttons. It grips the phone from all sides, providing all-round protection. The matte finish gives it a classy and defined look with the absolutely great print quality and durability.

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