The Top SMTP Service Providers for Your Email

When you make use of emails to increase the value of your business, especially when it is at the initial stage, it feels like a puzzle that you are unlikely to get out of, but that is just a phase that everyone encounters at some point in time. If you arrived at this notion when you began your business, then it is high time you know how relevant SNTP service providers are, and what they can help you achieve.

One thing that SMTP service providers help you do is that they provide you with new tools to make tasks smooth for you. Before you find out which SMTP service provider is best for you, it is relevant to note that sending emails is not the problem, until you have to send a lot of them at a stipulated time. This is where the stress comes in, and many people do not want to break a sweat for this. There are two main types of emails, and it is best that you know how to differentiate them as soon as possible. There is the bulk email and the transactional email. When you know how to separate your emails, you are one step closer to the finish line. Email SMTP service provider gives you the help that you need at all times.

Another name for SMTP service by DuoCircle is known as Outbound SMTP, and it is a service that helps to deliver emails from one service provider to another very fast. This service also functions worldwide, and is not limited by internet speed or signal.

There are a lot of things that determine how fast your email is sent. One of them is the email sending service that you choose. A lot of people complain about their email delivery service because of its poor delivery, but this can be changed soon. A mail server service has to be efficient and durable, to achieve its purpose, so the best types of SMTP service providers will be alighted below.

Google SMTP Server

This is one of the most common service providers, and a lot of people make use of this service and have nothing to complain about. Any mail sent with the help of this service provider rarely ends up in the spam folder, and it also comes with a no charge policy. When you open a new account, you can send a total of 500 emails every day, for fourteen days only, then you will be asked to upgrade.


This SMTP server provider is one of the most accessible services to use, as it allows the use of API and plugins. The best way to integrate this server is with WordPress, and it will enable you to send a total of 9000 emails every month, or 300 emails every day. After a while, the service requires an upgrade with $66 only.


The company behind this server is located in Denver, Colorado, and it mostly deals with transactional emails from one location to another. For a period, you are allowed to use this service for free, and you can send up to 40000 emails every month.

Amazon SES

Amazon SMTP SES is also known as Amazon Simple Email Service is used to send transactional or marketing emails all over the world. It helps digital marketers email clients or engage in ticketing system the way they want. For the free service, users are allowed to send a total of 62000 emails every month.

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