The Top Seven Trends for your Cushions in 2021

2021 is all about the home life. We have now started to settle into staying home more often, and it’s time to make our homes somewhere where we enjoy being. That’s why decorating the home should be one of your New Year’s goals. A stylish space to call our own can really help in making this year better than the last.

One of the easiest ways you can start to update your space is through cushions. Adding these to sofas, arm chairs, and beds can bring a whole new look and feeling into a room without costing much. 

With a new year comes a new set of style trends to be aware of. Here are our top seven cushion trends of 2021.

Grandmillenial Trend

With us all staying in our homes within the past year now, a new trend has taken place. It’s a mixture of cozy homebody and young millennial. Behold, the grandmillenial. This style blends a grandma’s aesthetic with an added freshness. One way to execute this trend is through a bold and graphic floral. Florals have always been associated with the grandma vibe, but mixed with a bold, rich color and large floral graphic, grandma is suddenly hip and fashionable. Try a floral cushion to connect to this stylish trend. 


Returning to nature is something society is wishing to do more and more of. It has even shown up in the recent trends of bohemian style and natural materials. With cushions, natural materials and neutral colors can pull in this earthy feeling. Mudcloth is one type of cushion that isn’t only meeting these marks for a natural cushion, but there is often a unique story behind these items. Made traditionally from tribes in Africa, choose original mudcloth cushions that are fair trade to help support these communities. 

Art Deco

A hundred years ago, Art Deco first made its appearance in the world of décor. A hundred years later, this style has reemerged and been reinvented. It’s a mixture of luxurious and fun. A snazzy white and gold cushion with some art deco line work is a sure way to bring more glam into your room. The Grace cushion by Linen House is a subtle shimmer of that Art Deco vibe. With a metallic fabric and geometric embroidery, it is all the class and glamour of the Art Deco period. 

Moody Blues

While 2020 might have gotten you down, 2021’s moody blue trend can help you feel better. Channel those feelings into fabric by selecting a cushion that has a rich and deep blue. It is a calming color that can help make a room feel more cozy and relaxing. Try a nice slate blue. It is easy to pair with many other colors that might be existing in your space. 

Color Blocking

Carrying this trend from 2020, color blocking is still going strong. This trend works great in modern décor styles, as the graphic shapes and vibrant contrasts of color play well to give a fresh and fun feeling for any space. The Pani cushion by Linen House is a vibrant combination of gold, black, and white, adding high contrast in a playful way. 

A Solid Blush

If you’re looking for a trend that is both modern and earthy with a little bit of feminine, then you need to follow the blush faze. This look is a sophisticated step up from the ultra fem and bubbly pink aesthetic, as it tones down this color by using a softer and richer blush and rose palette. Shades of blush and rose will work well paired on a sofa or bed. Add a little bit extra softness with a blush cushion in a luxurious velvet linen. 

Tassels and Fringe

Embellishments, such as cushions, are what make a space. It is those tiny details that help to pull a room together to make it stylish and unique. Why not add further embellishments to your embellishments by choosing cushions with extra details such as tassels and fringe. This Bambury cushion has all the details with its tassel work and embroidery. 

With all of these fun styles to choose from, you are sure to find the trend that you love. Add a few cushions in your space and start to get excited about your room’s new feel.