The Top 5 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Iceland

Whether you’re travelling through Iceland on your own or as part of a tour group, you’ll want to make sure that you stop at some of the most beautiful places in Iceland to visit during your trip. If you plan ahead and look up what’s going on in each area before you go, your trip will be even more memorable. Here are five of the most beautiful places to visit in Iceland.


Reykjavik is one of the main cities in Iceland and here you find many different beautiful places to visit while on your trip. If you have looked for flights to Reykjavik, rest assured that there is much to do here. For example, The Blue Lagoon – A geothermal spa located on the Reykjavik outskirts, this serene and natural lagoon is filled with healing minerals that can work wonders on your skin. The steam rising from the water will make you forget all about your worries and stress. After soaking in the hot springs, you’ll want to head back into town where you can find plenty of delicious restaurants waiting for you. You’re sure to have a great time as you explore the beautiful city by day or night.

Thingvellir National Park

Located near the southern shore of Laugardalslón, Thingvellir National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park’s main attraction is the Silfra rift, which stretches about 100 metres and separates two tectonic plates. You can dive or snorkel through the rift and spot many different species of marine life. Another popular destination at Thingvellir National Park is Þingvellir Church. This 19th-century church was built on the site where Norse settlers established an assembly in 930 AD – that first Þing (meeting) was called Alþingi, which means the all thing, and refers to an annual meeting held by Viking chieftains to discuss matters affecting their communities and make decisions.

Vatnajökull National Park

One of the most beautiful places in Iceland is Vatnajökull National Park, also known as Jokulsálkók. It’s situated in the southeastern region of the country and is home to more than 30 glaciers, including Europe’s largest glacier that covers 8% of the country. The park has a variety of terrain and offers plenty of opportunities for activities like hiking, ice climbing and skiing. Another area well worth visiting is Lakagigar crater; it was created by a volcanic eruption almost 4,000 years ago. Visitors can explore its lakes while they learn about how volcanoes can form over time. For those who are interested in birdwatching, there are two nature reserves nearby: Myvatn and Krafla-Hellisheidi. Remember to do an ice cave tour while you are there!


Visit Geysir, a natural geothermal hot spring that is approximately 200 metres (656 ft) from the market area of Þingvellir. The word geyser comes from this location, as the Icelandic word geysa means to gush. A more accurate translation would be to shoot boiling water into the air. Geysir is known for its regular eruptions every few minutes, so it can make for a fun tourist attraction.


One of the most beautiful places to visit in Iceland is Hvítárvatn. Hvítárvatn ́s a large water body which lies at an altitude of 513 m above sea level, and it is situated in the northern part of the mountain ridge between the volcanoes Askja and Krafla. The lake is famous for its unique appearance, caused by both its geology and abundance of algae. A number of hydrothermal features are located around the lake, including boiling springs and geysers, like Geysir. Tourists can walk across fragile volcanic ash on this journey as they explore Hviárvatn’s surroundings: be prepared for good shoes because of this – there are plenty of sharp rocks. In wintertime, these landscapes transform into snow-covered plains with stunning peaks all around; explore them from a snowmobile or from atop an Icelandic horse.

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash