The Secrets of Perfectly Groomed Women

Perfectly groomed women always make other people look twice at them. They are those women who know how to carry themselves well physically along with a proper demeanor. Grooming doesn’t only improve a woman’s physical health but also gives her a higher level of self-confidence.

If you think you aren’t one yet, or your strive to be perfectly groomed—then keep reading. Take a look at some of the secrets of perfectly groomed women:

Daily Hygiene Routine

Bathing and showering

A woman should always look, smell and feel fresh every day. And the most basic thing to do is to take daily baths and showers. Avoid soaps that are too strong because they can strip away the skin’s natural oils which often leads to skin dryness.

Intimate care

Your intimate hygiene is also important. Clean the external genitalia with mild soap and warm water. Use unscented intimate wash products to avoid harmful chemicals which can dry up the outer vagina.

Moreover, wipe off the genital area after urination with a tissue paper or wipes in an anterior to posterior direction. Change panty liners, sanitary napkins, or tampons as needed to avoid foul odors and genital infections.


For a healthy-looking hair, use a shampoo and conditioner with ingredients that suit your hair type (dry, oily, frizzy, straight, curly, colored, or permed) at least every other day. Buy hair care products that are sulfate-, silicone- and paraben-free as these can damage your hair in the long run. Do not overwash your hair because this can make it dry, rough and frizzy.

It is best to visit the salon once in a while to have that perfect hairstyle which can complement the shape of your face. And to avail of any hair treatment that your hair needs.

Teeth whitening

Have a bright smile with white teeth. Avoid tooth staining and discoloration which is often caused by cigarette smoking and drinking cola, coffee and tea. It can be removed by dental prophylaxis done by a certified dentist and using toothpaste with peroxide as ingredients.

Also, brush your teeth preferably after each meal to remove any food particles in your mouth which can eventually cause bad breath.


Eat a proper diet and drink lots of water to keep your skin plump and smooth. Moisturize your skin after taking a bath and re-apply the product especially when exposed to cold temperatures. You may also use masks, facial patches and the like, which contains essences that help rejuvenate the skin.

Additionally, don’t forget to apply sunscreen with an adequate SPF to protect your skin from premature aging.

Nail care

Trim and clean your nails regularly. You may have it done in a salon in which you can avail of a good manicure and pedicure. You may also want to try a gel manicure because this is a healthier option for your nails.

A gel manicure can give your nails a glossier finish and makes them more flexible. It also lasts longer than regular nail polish, so you don’t have to visit nail salons that often. Most importantly, do not bite your fingernails or remove the cuticle as this can damage the nail.

Clothes and Shoes

Invest in clothes that best suit your body shape. Clothes with structured tailoring can be used to give shape to any part of your body. You may consult a stylist who can determine the right style, cuts, patterns, and colors for you.

However, to save time, energy, and even money, you may want to check out a reputable online clothing store which offers a variety of clothes for you. Just make sure to know your body measurements so that you can pick the perfect size for you.

Another thing is to invest in high quality women shoes and those that you feel comfortable to walk on. Try mixing and matching your shoes perfectly with your clothes to exude more confidence.


Before putting on makeup, it is very essential to moisturize your face first. Avoid heavy layers of makeup to allow your skin to breathe. Remember that makeup should be used not to cover your face but to enhance your natural beauty. Also, choose color shades that will best suit your skin tone and make sure not to sleep with your makeup on.


Our skin has its own hormones and pheromones that can alter the smell of a perfume. A perfume that smells good on your friend may not smell good on you. So when buying a perfume, spray it at pulse points on your wrist and wait to see how it smells before deciding to buy it.

Ultimately, choose the scent that will fit your own style and will bring out the best in you.   

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