The right way to remove a callus

A callus can cause restlessness, irritation, discomfort, and pain that makes you feel like you could scream it off at the highest pitch of your voice. That is how bad it is.

However, screaming it off cannot solve your problem. You just need the best callus remover methods, regiments, and a little persistence. This article summarizes a number of things that you can employ to remove a callus.

Soak the callus every night

Warm water mixed with baking soda or an Epsom salt bath will come in handy to best remove a callus. Every night, soak your affected foot in the warm water with baking soda to disintegrate the dead skin cells which often softens the callus.

On the other hand, taking an Epsom salt bath soothes the skin on the callus to soften. On the downside, if you do the above procedures, it is vital to dry your skin after you are done to prevent fungal infection.

Use a callus remover

An electronic option for callus removing is also available. Every morning before taking a shower, use the callus remover to scrap it off. Removing it may be an ugly site for you yet comforting when you take that relaxed step. You can find your best callus remover on retail websites or in stores around you.

Rub some lactic acid on it

Every night before going to sleep, rub lactic cream like this one with urea on Amazon on your dry callus. The lactic acid will break down the dead cells throughout the night to wake up to a smooth foot.

After applying, put on a sock to prevent dirt from accumulating on the applied area. The sock will not prevent absorbance of the cream since it absorbs quickly making it one of the best callus removers.

Wear callus cushions

A callus could take days or weeks to heal. Due to this time factor, it is imperative that you use a callus cushion on the healing zone. This comes however much you used the best callus removal technique.

The cushions will act as a shock absorber by taking in all pressure and alleviating pain that would otherwise be on the affected zone. For athletic shoes, cushion inserts can be used to absorb the strain.

Moisturize the healed callus zone

Maintenance of a callus-free foot should still be a norm after best removing a callus. You ought to moisturize your foot using feet creams which softens the foot such as vitamin E, Shea butter, calendula etc.

However, if a callus reoccurs you could choose between the latter best callus removal tips and redo the process.

Seek medical checkup

If the calluses and blisters persist even after using the best callus removal techniques, it is imperative that you seek a medical check from a podiatrist. One of the major reasons for this is the norm of constantly wearing shoes that do not fit properly or those that are not appropriate for your foot’s curvature and arching. The podiatrist will tell you your foot curvature which will guide you in purchasing shoes that favor your foot’s predilection.

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