The Right Way to Get the Perfect Brochure Design for You

Designing the best brochure is tough and along with other designing considerations you normally adhere to, there are a few things which are specific to printed stuff. Here are some tips to get the best brochure design for you:

Know the right print specifications

You should know the right budget when you go for printing as it can impact quality, quantity, size and material used. Thus, you should start with selecting specifications for your brochure design, so that you are well-aware of all that you need from the beginning.

Find out about the paper size, bleed and fold. It is important to know the design works also. If you are going for thick booklet type brochures, then check out the assembly of pages too.

Know your audience

The distribution pattern and shape of brochure design should rely on your audience. Even the most traditional brochures can be digitalized with PDF. You can even merge PDF files into one PDF online to support your workflows and make it easier to work on them.

If you are going to handle brochures to people on the go, then consider the size and format too. Trifold are a good option in this scenario. If you are making brochures for stakeholders and associates, then go for more robust brochures with several pages.

It is also important to consider the age of the audience. It impacts your designing and type size.

Choose everything of high quality

You should not choose for low quality material when producing something for your company’s image. Even if you go for brochure print done cheap, then choose high quality and high resolution so that everything on your brochure looks great. Lay extra focus on icons, logos, images, descriptions and typefaces.

Go for texture

You have so many physical features to include in your brochure design. It helps in adding value to your message as it increases the visual appeal

You can consider these effects:

1.       Paper type: Paper with different textures helps in setting a different tone.

2.       Foil: Lustrous lettering for a specific portion of your brochure.

3.       Folds: Going for bi-fold and tri-fold aren’t just your only suggestions, you have several interesting fold patterns.

4.       Die Cuts: Cut out some design so that it unveils something could enhance the mystery quotient.

Choose good quality paper

The paper you choose makes a big impact on your readers. It also affects your designing procedure. Heavier paper renders more flexibility with printing and colors. They appear costly and impressive. However, if you are going for mass distribution or high print numbers, then you can choose a relatively low quality paper to get brochure print done cheap.

Lastly, brochure designing is amazingly fun and you have a lot of considerations, especially if you don’t have any limitation with your budget. While a lot of people lean toward simple designing, but it is easier to attract more and more people by going for a unique and appealing look. Go for minimal styles and simple design if you are more on the budget friendly side. It lowers the overall expense and attracts customers too because of its simplicity.

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