The Pros and Cons of Ceramic Car Wax

There are many misconceptions about ceramic car wax. Ceramic car wax is always a huge debate amongst the car people of the world. The real debate shouldn’t be whether or not ceramic car wax is best for your car; it should really just be what’s the best one to use. 

To make the best, informed decision for your car, read on for a list of pros and cons of ceramic car wax in addition to all the boxes your ceramic car wax should check off for you and your vehicle.

The Pros  

It’s best to start with the pros of ceramic car wax since they outweigh the cons. Ceramic car wax is an all-around amazing way to vamp up your vehicle and keep it looking brand new. Not only does ceramic car wax help with the visual cosmetic appearance of your car, but it also helps protect it from future deterioration and damage. 

Do It Yourself: Faster and Safer Detailing 

Many people often think that you must have ceramic car wax applied to your car by a professional. This is a common misconception. Ceramic car wax is extremely easy to apply all by yourself once you find the right product. 

The advantage to applying the ceramic car wax yourself is that it’s much faster than any professional. You can allocate as much time as you think your car deserves, rather than it sitting around waiting to be attended to by someone who doesn’t necessarily care about the end product.

Doing it yourself also ensures a safer application process. Detailing your car yourself allows you to keep an eye on those soft spots that may need a bit more attention. This means no mysterious scratches, dents, or scrapes will appear afterward. 

Cost Effective 

Why spend money on something you can do perfectly well yourself? When you purchase the right ceramic car wax, it is extremely cost-effective. Purchasing ceramic car wax and detailing the car yourself will save you from putting a large dent in your wallet. 

At-home ceramic car wax will typically run you between $45 and $325, depending on how many bottles you are interested in purchasing. Another influence on the price of your at-home ceramic car wax is whether or not the product comes with microfibre cloths. While you may not see these as extremely necessary, they will make your life a lot easier in the long haul.

Long Lasting and Durable 

Ceramic car wax, when applied properly, is long-lasting and super durable, all thanks to nanotechnology formulas. Ceramic car wax will leave your car with a protective coat that will last for months. This means that dirt and things that accumulate on your cars, such as bugs, bird droppings, and different weather elements, don’t stand a chance anymore. With ceramic wax, all of these can be wiped off with a cloth or may not even stick to your car in the first place.

Gorgeous Exterior and Shine

The right ceramic car wax will leave your car looking brand new, no matter how old it truly is. After all, nobody ever reveals their real age as they get older, do they? Ceramic car wax gives your vehicle a gorgeous exterior and shines like no other. You’ll be able to spot your car from a million miles away!

The Cons 

The cons to using a ceramic car wax are limited. However, the cons that have surfaced are most definitely double-edged swords.

Leaves You Wanting More 

Ceramic car wax is bound to leave you wanting more. After one application, you will start to dream of the next time your car will have a new coat. Patience is key!

Potential for Scratches and Water Spots 

The reason people often say that ceramic car wax leads to scratches and water spots is that they’ll stand out more when they occur, as the rest of your car will look gorgeous as always. Although, when applied properly, ceramic car wax can help prevent scratches and water spots. 

The good news is, as long as the scratch is fairly superficial and the water spot hasn’t accumulated for too long, they’re easily fixable. 

In Conclusion 

Now that you know the major pros and cons of ceramic car wax, you can make an educated decision on how to pamper your car the right way. Make sure to do your research and find the ceramic car wax that is best for you. And follow one major tip — use a microfiber cloth if you’re detailing your car yourself!