The Most Popular Nintendo Switch Games Right Now

In the world of gaming, Nintendo switch games are incomparable. Its unique features make it a must-have for gamers. It’s like a hybrid console. You can play it on the couch or if you are on the go. It’s also great for multiplayer mode. It was first released in 2017, but its popularity reached sky high, and it’s for obvious reasons, of course. You might have played all-time favorite Nintendo games like Super Mario Bros, Pokemon Red, Blue, Green & Yellow, or Wii Sports, and you know how great these are. If you are a fan of Nintendo games, you should check out these Nintendo Switch games, which are trending right now. As Black Friday deals are going on, you should plan on checking the deals on these games. Also, Black Friday isn’t an American thing anymore. You can get great deals on games on Black friday australia 2020.

Here are the Nintendo Switch games you should check out if you already haven’t. These are not ordered as ranks. Because everyone has different tastes and choices, someone’s 5th choice can be someone’s 1st. 

  1. Super Mario Odyssey: It’s a platform game where Mario travels across the different worlds known as the kingdom to rescue Princess Peach from the evil bowser who wants to marry her forcibly. As Mario, you chase a bowser through the kingdom and stop him as he steals everything for the wedding. A new fun feature of this game is that Mario can throw his new partner ‘Cappy’ at objects and enemies and gain control of them. This game allows an additional player to use a single Joy-con to control Cappy independently. It’s a brilliant level design; fascinating new game mechanics will keep you tied up to the game.
  2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: It is an essential game for the Nintendo Switch; it’s only fun. Races are chaotic but fun to play independently or with family & friends gathered around the tv. It has new characters and more options in battle mode than its original versions Marino Kart 8.
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  3. Hades: According to Forbes, it’s the best indie game for Switch. It’s one of the best games from Supergiant. And like all supergiant games, it has beautiful art and sound work. Hades is difficult at the base level and even harder on the Hell Mode. You can set the various difficulty level. It’s brutal in a way, but it becomes surprisingly sweet after the game reveals itself. It’s a long series of semi-random levels that you try to go through at once. If you die, just start at the beginning but carry a few currencies from the previous play. You can also use these coins to buy permanent upgrades. This game is addictive and worth the shot. You can even pet the two-headed dog!
  4. Animal Crossing: New Horizon: Animal Crossing series had a new entry after almost eight years. In this life simulation game, you are sent off to a deserted island, and your job is to make that island a tropical paradise to attract new islanders. It’s a creative game where you make crafts to comfort creatures to create your island. You can take this game at your own pace. It has more player control than the previous version; it gives you a blank canvas. You get to choose your and your neighbor’s home’s location. There are always new things for this game. It’s a living, breathing ecosystem that you created!
  5. Dragon Quest XI S: It is one of the best role-playing games on the Nintendo Switch. Also, it’s a definitive version of the game; it has a new symphonic soundtrack. It has 10 hours of demo. It is Super Smash Bros’ ultimate game for the Switch.
  6. The legend of Zelda: It’s called Breath of the Wild: It’s an action-adventure game. In fact, according to Wikipedia, critics called it the most beautiful open-ended game ever created. Players are encouraged to roam the world freely using tools like exploring; players can undergo quests and challenges for benefits. There will be many puzzles and many wonderful ways to solve them. So this game doesn’t have only one way of finishing it. It is so popular that over 20 million copies were sold out by 2020.
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  7. Pokemon: Sword and Shield: You must have been a fan of pokemon in your childhood. Now, Pokemon: Sword and shield will give you pure childlike joy. Additionally, it’s like the old pokemon game you love but with a bigger world and adventurous spirit. The world is more detailed and dynamic. Moreover, the previous pokemon games’ storyline was pretty much the same. Like you go from one town to another, collecting pokemon and fighting trainers. In this case, Pokemon: Sword and shield are different. You can tell the difference when you go to a big town from a small village in this game. There’s also a new feature called Dynamax wherein some selected battles; you can turn your pokemon into towering versions of themselves. It gives a unique strategy to the fight. 

There are hundreds of amazing Nintendo Switch games. This shortlist only consists of a few of them to help you pick your favorite games. You can always explore for more.   

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