The Most Creative And Entertaining Before And After Weight Loss Photos Ever Made

Overweight and obesity is a serious problem many people suffer from all over the world. For those who decide to do something about it, it is necessary to set a goal and slowly go about reaching it. And to get the maximum impact of all the hard work, a photo session of before and after images is always good for moral.

Beth Beard reached a turning point in her life and in 2012 se decided to go trough a gastric bypass surgery that will help her lose weight. At that time her idea of a before and after image was not what you’d expect.

With the help of a professional photographer Blake Morrow they created a series where her old overweight self interacts with her new, slimmer version in amusing and unusual settings. Those images became the Beth Project.

The change Beth went trough is truly stunning, but not as much as the impact these images will leave on you. Here are 17 images of the Beth Project.

1. Beth And Blake Before And After


2. Sound Of Music Beth


3. Laurel And Hardy Beth I


4. T-Shirt Beth


5. Beach Beth I


6. Prison Beth


7. Space Beth


8. Boxing Poster Beth


9. Frida And Diego Beth


10. Beach Beth II



11. Boxing Beth


12. Laurel And Hardy Beth II


13. Diva Beth




If there is any lesson to be had from these images it would be that no matter how you look or how much you change, you are you and you should love yourself no matter what.


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