The Major Herbs Used in Developing Grocare Products

One distinguishing factor, among many, that is making Grocare products to be much preferred than over the counter drugs is their minimal side effects. Many patients suffering from various diseases have been desperately looking for medications that have no negative side effects. Luckily at, you can get medications that have been developed from natural ingredients.

Ayurveda Treatment

This is the concept used at Grocare when developing their medications and other products. What does Ayurveda treatment entail? Well, Ayurvedic medicine which is commonly known as Ayurveda dates back to 3000 years having its roots in India. It happens to be a holistic olden day treatment. 

Ayurveda treatment is based on a kind of belief whereby the health of an individual comes in when there is a balance between their spirit, mind/soul, and body. Ayurveda aims at promoting the good health of the patient rather than fighting the disease. That should tell you why Grocare medications aim at dealing with the source of a disease rather than treating the symptoms. 

Ayurveda believes that if your spirit, soul, and body are connected with the universe and have a good balance, then you can be very healthy. Whenever this harmony is affected, diseases come in. Injuries, climate, age, defects, genetic, and your emotions are some of the factors that affect this balance. 

Ayurveda practitioner usually gives you a treatment that is specifically designed for you considering various elements in this kind of treatment. They focus on cleansing your body off any unnecessary and undigested food. Ayurveda practitioners may use medical oils, laxatives, blood purification, herbs, and sometimes massages.

Herbs Used at Grocare

At Grocare, they have a team of experts and experienced Ayurveda practitioners who have diverse knowledge in this field. All the products ranging from Acidim, Seosis, among others usually use herbs. Their herbs are naturally grown by local farmers which are then tested for quality, and purified to ensure they are good for use by the victim.

Ayurveda treatment involves a strategic combination of herbs to make a very successful and effective product. To bring out the right product for a specific medication, it involves treating the cause of the problem, avoiding any negative side effects, and ensuring the problem is treated effectively.

Grocare has been using this philosophy in making their products that’s why they are effective. Here are some of the herbs used in making Grocare products:

  1. Plumbago zeylanica – this herb is known for its therapeutic properties including neuroprotective, cardiotonic, and hepatoprotective properties. Its main component is plumbagin which increases cholesterol excretion. It also encourages the excretion of phospholipids which takes away accumulation of cholesterol in your liver.
  2. Emblica officinalis – this is important in maintaining your heart and the entire circulation system. It has cardiovascular protective properties that usually help in protecting your cardiovascular damages. 
  3. Terminalia Chebula – this is another herb that is essential in purifying your blood while regulating bile secretion. It is crucial in detoxifying the gall bladder and the liver. Besides, it plays a major role in helping digestion and assimilation. Grocare uses this herb to deal with cholesterol and oil/lipid levels in your body. It is a great internal cleanser getting rid of excessive fats and harmful toxins harbored in your body.
  4. Cyperus rotundus – it has a very powerful gastro protective and anti-inflammatory activity. It is a well-known antioxidant that is great in detoxifying your body. This herb is usually used by Grocare to deal with skin diseases because it has a Stringent property. 
  5. Embellia ribes – It is a great antacid and anti-flatulent herb that has been used by Grocare’s Ayurveda specialists and physicians to increase the blood flow across the body. When it comes to dizziness, headaches, and migraines, this herb is very effective. 
  6. Quercus infectoria – it contains wound healing properties that make it preferable in making dental care products. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that help in relieving gum problems and bad breath from your mouth.
  7. Anacyclus pyrethrum – of you are suffering from tooth sensitivity and tooth aches, this is the herb that Grocare uses in making dencare products. It contains anti-inflammatory actions which help in relieving pain and swellings from the gum. 
  8. Elletaria cardamomum – they have a great flavor that works effectively in removing bad breath and treating some teeth infections. It is also great in dealing with gum infections.
  9. Ferula asafoetida – This herb is very useful in strengthening the intestines. It is a great ingredient for products that deal with flatulence gas, colic problems, and constipation. It is one of the major ingredients of Hernica.
  10. Pongamia glabra – it is effective in dealing with bloating and relieving inflammation. It is great in dealing with constipation and diarrhea. It is a great intestinal stimulant.
  11. Shankha Bhasma – it is a great antacid and anti-diarrhea. It acts as a stool binding agent, digestive stimulant, and appetite stimulant.


Grocare has been using these herbs in making its products. The above are just some of them, there are many others that they use. They are all grown organically.  

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