He is The KING of DIY. Look What He Did with Moss and Yogurt

Some people are naturally gifted to do things like this.

I always admire when someone does a DIY project that is really amazing.

This guy is something different. He took the DIY to another level. I’ve never thought that something like this could happen.

The process was not difficult at all. He just took yogurt and moss and started creating.

When I started watching the video I said to myself: What in the world he is going to do with the yogurt?

Then he left me speechless. This is extraordinary and could save our planet. Not literally, but I love to think like that.

The moss that grows everywhere around your house will be used for creating something amazing.

Wait until you see the look on your neighbors’ friends.

They will like to do this as soon as you did it.

Let’s see how he has done it.

Step 1

Go outside and see whether you can find moss. Grab a handful of it and come back home.


Step 2

Wash the moss under water to remove most of the dirt. Rip it apart and throw it in your blender. No, your blender will not be broken after this. It’s moss.


Step 3

Add 2 cups of water, 2 cups of plain yogurt and 1 teaspoon of sugar into the mixture. Mix very well, but do not blend. Leave them intact for a little bit. If the mixture seems runny, add corn syrup.


Step 4

Pour the mixture into a bucket and find a 2-inch paintbrush. Get creative.


Step 5

You can do this everywhere you want. Find some walls. Or do it on your house. Your choice.


Step 6

Check out the final results.



It looks amazing, huh?

This simple trick could give wonderful results. Your house will turn into a place where moss is growing like you want.

Now, what are you waiting for? – Star decorating with moss.

Wait! Don’t leave your friends and neighbors hanging. Share this with them.

Now you can go and DIY.

Source: Positivemed

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