The Key Ingredients to a Relaxing Evening at Home

After a long day at work, coming back to our domestic comfort zones can feel like that incredible form of peace that recharges our weary bodies and minds. Not having to drive another single minute until tomorrow feels absolutely wonderful after a lengthy commute. 

But in order for us to have our personal piece of private homemade heaven waiting for us, we first must put all the pieces together. What are the key ingredients to transform your address into the ultimate location for relaxation? 

Let’s go through the checklist of items that you will thank yourself for this evening when you are ready for your house to feel like home. 

Soothing jazz music  

When you are ready to relax, you aren’t trying to listen to pop, rock, rap, house, or the blues. It has got to be mellow, and it has got to be jazz to set the tone for a cool, breezy environment. 

If you appreciate jazz but couldn’t name two artists if your job depended on it, don’t feel blue. Head over to Blue Note. 

By purchasing music from jazz musicians on the famed Blue Note Records label, you have a plethora of legendary talents to choose from to build the foundation for a respectable jazz record collection with the likes of: 

  • Art Blakely
  • Bobbi Humphrey
  • Cannonball Adderley
  • Bobby Hutcherson 
  • Cassandra Wilson 
  • Chet Baker 
  • Chick Corea
  • Donald Byrd
  • Duke Ellington
  • Freddie Hubbard
  • Gregory Porter 
  • Herbie Hancock
  • Lee Morgan
  • Dr. Lonnie Smith
  • Lou Donaldson
  • Miles Davis
  • Norah Jones
  • Robert Glasper
  • Terence Blanchard
  • Thelonious Monk
  • Trombone Shorty 

Elegant essential oils

After your sense of hearing has perked up with your jazz music soundtrack playing in the background, it is time to turn your attention to your sense of smell. Go beyond the tantalizing odor of cologne and perfume that is in the air. Establish your relaxing evening on a higher level by purchasing essential oil products

The beauty of essential oils is that you essentially choose how you want to feel and implement the oil that correlates with that. You can go for tranquility, a destresser, an energizer, breathing easy, balance, an immunity booster, and a scent to assist with focusing. Also, if you want your evening to get all the way relaxed, there are also essential oils to help you sleep. 

Fermented and probiotic beverages  

Sound and smell have been covered with jazz and essential oils. Now it is time to take care of your sense of taste. What about those evenings at home that happen to land on a work night when you aren’t looking to consume any alcohol and get caught out there with a hangover when the alarm clock rings loudly in the morning? 

If you are going to go with a non-alcoholic solution for your PM thirst, why not also go in the healthy direction while you are at it? It is completely possible to enjoy delicious beverages that are certified organic, are low in sugar, rich in vitamin C and vitamin D, and are under 40 calories. 

Tepache offers you the opportunity to relax at home with a naturally fermented beverage from Mexico, made from pineapples and sweetened with turbinado sugar and additional spices. These tasty liquids are served cold and have both probiotic and prebiotic qualities, which they are able to assist with gut health and digestion. 

Low carb dinners 

While you are preparing your sense of taste for enjoyment, don’t forget to get some food for your stomach, preferably some that you won’t have to cook yourself, being that you are trying to relax. It also won’t hurt if that meal is not just tasty but also healthy. In fact, it can only help you even more, when it is nutritious. 

You can have low carb dinners that are already prepared for you that are affordable, assist with weight loss, increase good HDL cholesterol and decrease bad LDL cholesterol, reduce blood sugar and insulin levels, as well as lowering your blood pressure. Having your blood pressure down is true relaxation for sure. 

iPad by Your Bedside

Let’s take care of your sense of sight to add to your senses of sound, smell, and taste that have already been given the soothing mood treatment on this list. 

When we are exhausted and want nothing more than to relax, many of us have been asked, ‘What are you about to do tonight?’ On those low-energy evenings, when we want to steer clear of social commitments unless it is a one-on-one night with a significant other, the go-to response for basically saying that you don’t want to be bothered is, ‘Tonight is a Netflix kind of night.’

Netflix, the highly successful subscription-based streaming platform for movies and television shows, has also turned itself into its own production company for creating original programming. With over 209 million subscribers worldwide, there must be quite a few people that want to have a night to recover, reboot, and relax. 

Healthy hemp products 

To add relaxation to your sense of touch, you want something that helps you put a stop to discomfort. This is a good time to have your hemp-based items ready to go. 

You would be surprised at how many useful products can be created from hemp. One company that isn’t too surprised at all is Hempvana, because they have an entire inventory of items that wisely capitalize on the power of hemp.

Hempvana’s offerings are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, have zero microbe-inhibiting paraben additives, and don’t have any animal by-products associated with them.

To soothe pain and improve your well-being, you can get Hempvana Lidocaine Cream, Cold As Ice Gel, Hempvana Arthritis Pain Relief Gel, or Hempvana HeelTastic Dry Skin Remover. 

Home outfits for comfort  

To finish off on the sense of touch, how about some clothing that you actually feel comfortable in? According to an article published on mamabee, you can get extra cozy by keeping your work clothes separate from what you wear at home. 

Comfy home outfits don’t have to be one step away from looking like pajamas. They can express style and your mood while you spend some precious time with your romantic partner, your loved ones, your roommates, or your visiting guests. 

Comfortable tops can be relaxed t-shirts, fluffy sweaters that feel like a warm hug, and non-restrictive sweatshirts. Remember, you are at home. You don’t want to wear your favorite blouse or button-up silk shirt when it is time to do any at-home activities that may require getting sweaty or dirty. Seek fabrics that keep you dry and cool as well. 

When choosing the bottom half of your home outfits for comfort, keep in mind whether or not you are entertaining guests or expecting company shortly. If you are relaxing in your undergarments, it may be time to put some pants on if you aren’t going to be by yourself. Leggings, tights, shorts, and flexible pants that aren’t going to prevent you from moving or breathing are ideal. 

Try to stay away from pants with buttons that are going to make them feel way too tight. One-piece dresses and jumpsuits can be comfort clothes that feel flexible enough if you have to answer the door for a food delivery drop-off or you decide to sit outside for a moment.  

The key to making domestic relaxation really feel like it is a spa-level experience is to make sure that you are entertaining all of your senses in order to feel completely immersed in your private get-away from the world, all from the comfort of your own home.