The increasing trend in luxury care homes

It can be difficult to find a care home that ticks every box. When researching care homes, there can be so much choice that it is a difficult decision to make. From choosing the location, to what is important to you or your loved one in terms of the facilities provided and the size of the rooms.

There is an increasing trend in luxury retirement homes, which is becoming the popular choice for many. Mostly because of the location of luxury homes, the meals provided, the sense of community and the activities residents can do.

What is a luxury care home?

Luxury care homes usually have state of the art facilities and are often considered to be the best in their field. They typically have the budget to provide better technology and facilities to help make residents feel more comfortable and connected with their family and friends outside of the care home. They have larger rooms, attractive décor, comfortable beds, and more up to date facilities than standard care homes.

Not only do the facilities and the technology make care home luxurious, but so do the surrounding grounds. Large, landscaped gardens full of greenery are peaceful and considered a luxury to enjoy during your later years. Peaceful tranquillity is something many residents enjoy when living at a luxury care home.

Better specialist care

The level of care provided by luxury care homes is usually more advanced than standard care homes, as they have better equipment and highly trained staff. Luxury care homes can provide specialist care to those with worsening conditions that are unable to look after themselves, this can include larger rooms and specifically trained health care professionals to ensure their residents have the best care.

Luxury care home facilities

With luxury care homes, you get the luxury experience. The luxury experience includes meals, activities, and other facilities such as heating, decoration and much more.


Typically, with luxury care homes, you’ll receive quality food and meal choices. This is because they can provide fresher ingredients and more experienced cooks. Regular meals are provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner and with a snack in between to ensure residents get the nutrition they need throughout the day.


Any day trips, activities or entertainment held at luxury care homes help residents socialise. Activities include crafts, food and wine tasting and outside activities to keep residents active. Most luxury care homes even provide onsite beauticians and hairdressers, so residents can be pampered by having their hair or nails done from the comfort of the care home.

Room sizes

Luxury care homes usually come with large rooms. With larger rooms, residents can make their individual space feel more like home. This is a luxury that standard care homes do not usually have due to being smaller buildings. Having a large room allows residents to keep their own TV and other comforts such as an armchair to make the transition into a care home easier.


As mentioned before, there is often more advanced technology at care homes, from making it easier to connect with family members to better health care equipment to make residents lives easier. Review what type of technology or equipment will be useful when viewing care homes and what’s important to your loved one.

How to choose the right home

It can be difficult when choosing a care home. You should narrow down the choice and select at least three care homes to view before deciding which one is best for your loved one.

When selecting the care homes to visit, you need to think about the location and if it’s close to family and friends or allows ease of visits, whether it has enough green space and whether they would enjoy the outside areas.

You also need to think about the activities provided at the care home, does it cater to your loved one’s hobbies and interests, does it provide entertainment that your loved one would be interested in?

And lastly, whether they can provide the specialist care that your loved one needs. Perhaps your loved one requires specialist dementia care. What are the carers like? Are the facilities in good condition? Speak to some of the residents living there to get an idea of what the care home is like and how happy they are living there.

It is difficult choosing a care home, but with luxury care homes your loved one is likely to be comfortable, well looked after and enjoy their time there.