The importance of consistency in Light Therapy

Light therapy is a type of therapy that is getting more and more popular as days go by. In order to understand exactly how much light therapy you will need and how consistent you have to be with it, we have to first familiarise ourselves with some of the key ideas behind this therapy. This will help us tremendously to get the maximum benefit out of this therapy model.

Red light therapy is known to be an effective way to give people relief when they are suffering from a myriad of conditions. It really does help with a lot of conditions and, as such is an extremely effective tool to have in our arsenal of therapies. Once people do get this type of treatment for these conditions, they often ask how often do you need to do it in order for the therapy to be successful. The most standard answer is to get the therapy about three to five times a week and for about 20 minutes each session. That is a very great way to start.

There isn’t a particularly one method where you can choose how much light therapy you will need. It depends completely on the individual needs of the patient. As we have mentioned earlier, in order to fully understand how much light therapy you will need, you will need to understand some of the basics of this type of therapy.

light therapy

The basics of red light therapy

Red light therapy also goes by the name of photobiomodulation or even sometimes as low-level light therapy. The primary purpose of these devices is to make sure that they get proper exposure to certain forms of light and certain wavelengths of light. These wavelengths are generally measured in nanometers. Different wavelengths of light exist, and how far they will go into the skin will depend completely on the type of light being used.

When we talk about red light therapy in particular, we notice that the phrase includes the word red light. The wavelengths of these types of light are normally at around 800nm to about 850 nm. Many studies have been able to determine that the most forms of health benefits are derived from red and NIR wavelengths. This is known as the therapeutic window.

Recognize that different people have different needs

Now that you are more aware of the science that goes behind this type of therapy model let us know a bit about some of the most common uses this therapy model has. We will also let you know about the dosage that each of these treatment models requires.

We would not be out of bounds when we say that there are no exact two people in this world. Everyone is different and has different genetic and biological makeups. What this means is that different people also have different medical and health requirements. Having said that, we must emphasize how much red light therapy you will need will depend completely on the issue you are trying to solve with this therapy. Other factors that need to be considered include the patient’s overall health and how sensitive they are to light.

Conditions it can treat

Some of the benefits of red light therapy can be felt very quickly in some cases after the initial application of this type of light. One of the issues that red light therapy can heal quickly is in improving the tone of the skin.

Other benefits of red light therapy take up a lot more time than improving the tone of the skin. This is due to the fact that the results obtained from red light therapy very often depend on cellular health and a host of other biological processes. This happens as red light is responsible for stimulating the cells. For conditions that are chronic, you have to set your expectations. It usually takes around one to about four months to heal.

After you get the results that you desire, you can still use this form of therapy in order to maintain the benefits derived from the therapy.


If you are the type of person who is experiencing poor health and you also suffer from more than one chronic condition, waiting for the results of red light therapy can be quite frustrating. But it is very important that the person is patient and actually sticks with the routine. Red light has the ability to heal a person from within, right at the cellular level. The fact that red light therapy promotes the most optimal functioning of cells means that it makes all the natural healing mechanisms of the body work simultaneously on a whole host of conditions.

How Sensitive You Are to Light

In many studies that have been conducted on this type of therapy, the results obtained showed that it is a very safe form of therapy. However, it is still very important to note that many factors such as the color, thickness, and tone of the skin really do have the potential to affect how you absorb the photons of red light. This will mean that different people will have different therapy needs. It is always the best idea to consult your doctor when you are first setting out into the world of light therapy. They can make sure that you are prepared with the optimum knowledge required to get the most out of this type of therapy.

Optimal Dosage according to the “Goldilocks Approach”

The guidelines listed below offer some of the most basic recommendations for treating some of the more common conditions. It is important to note that you should not be afraid to experiment. If the dosage or intensity that has been recommended is found to be too much or too little, make sure that you experiment with the dosage until you find one that you think is the right one for you.