The Essential Guide to Buying Denim for Your Growing Kids

Buying kids’ jeans may seem hectic, but not anymore. Here are some quick tips you can learn while looking for kids’ denim. It’ll be easier to plan for the future and buy clothing for your little ones.

It’s obvious you get confused once you enter the shop but can’t understand which one is the best. Finding the right fit, quality, and brand for the kids can be tough. So, check out the essential guide to buying denim for your growing kids without stress.

6 Tips for Buying Denim for Growing Kids

Take Measurement

Knowing the correct size is very crucial when you want to buy denim for kids. You definitely don’t want your kiddo to wear too skinny or baggy jeans. So, if you’re not sure which size to buy, take measurements.

However, retailers or online websites have size charts based on a kid’s height, weight, waist, and inseam. The first three seems self-explanatory, but not all know how to measure the inseam. So, take a measuring tape and measure just below his crotch down to the floor. You’ll get the length.

Find the Right Brand

It’s wise to get denim jeans of a particular brand. As not all brands are equal, you can go for your favorite retailer or website and check for the clothing. 

There are plenty of sites where you will get top brands and trendy denim for the whole family. For example, you can try ready-to-wear khaki jeans mens and kids. Such jeans give a skinny look and will also be comfortable for the children.

Consider Your Kid’s Activity

Most parents often overlook this matter and purchase denim that may not suit the purpose. It’s important to consider your kid’s activities while buying jeans for them. For instance,

  • If your kid goes outside to play, go for a loose pair of jeans that can easily handle the wear and tear on the playground.
  • If your daughter or son are participating in a concert, dance program or drama, let them wear bright, colorful denim. Bright-colored jeans are now in trend.
  • Are you taking the kids on a weekend trip? They can try the grey jeans outfit with a black t-shirt and boots. It will give them a stylish look.

Get the Perfect Fit

Don’t forget to check the waistband of the jeans. If it’s not fit, no one will feel comfortable, even if it’s a branded one. Moreover, when buying denim for growing kids, it’s advisable to get one size larger waist jeans for shrinkage and growth. Or you can find denim with an elastic waist.

Here are the top denim fit types to keep in mind:

  • Loose fit: It’s a baggy-fitting style that gives plenty of space.
  • Slim Fit: A tight-fit denim with a tapered leg opening gives a slim look.
  • Regular: It fits straight from the hip to thigh with a mid-rise and large leg opening.
  • Skinny: Tightly fitted from the waist to the ankle.
  • Narrow fit: It has narrow fittings from the knee. 
  • Relaxed fit: It’s the relaxed cut denim fit perfect for running, jumping or playing outside.

Get Denim in Seasonal Sale

Seasonal sales give you the finest opportunity to stock up your kids’ denim jeans to t-shirts. Not to mention, you’ll get a fair amount of discount. So, you can purchase tons of dresses at a low cost.

A small tip is, buy one or two sizes larger denim. Thus, when your kid outgrows the first pair, you’ll already have another pair ready for him/her. It works great for those who wear jeans regularly.

Check Review Online

While you’re buying denim, online reviews can come in handy. Especially if you’re purchasing from online websites or sellers, read customer reviews. It’ll give you an idea about the denim quality, materials, sizing etc. 

Additionally, you’ll get to know which brands are there or the styles you’re searching for. Most sites also have return and refund options that will be helpful if you’ve any problem after purchasing denim.

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