The Different Types Of Loans In Modern America Explained

Since the break of the millennium, loans in America have started modernizing, to catch up with the digital demands of the world.

Whilst there are different types of loans, there have been an increase in specialized loan variations within these main loan options.

Student Loans

Some of the most common loans affecting more and more Americans each year, are student focused loans.

When it comes to borrowing for educational purposes, most students will look to use a federal student loan source. They have fixed interest rates, and don’t require repayment until after a few months of graduation.

There are two types of federal student loans available. Subsidized and unsubsidized loans. The subsidized is for students who require more financial need, as the government can make interest payments on the loan whilst the student is in education.

The unsubsidized are more readily available for the average student. Undergraduate students who are still dependent on family will be eligible to borrow up to $31,000 over the course of their education. Federal loans will have the same interest rates of all borrowers.

Mortgage Loans

These loans refer to when you are in the process of purchasing a house. There are a number of different options and variations.

To name a few, there are; purchase loans, conventional loans, FHA and VA loans.

Purchase loans can simply be defined by a loan made to a borrower who’s looking to finance the buying of an asset. Usually, this will refer to assistance in purchasing a home, but it can also be used to help buy a car or another expensive asset.

These purchase mortgage loans can be borrowed from expert lenders such as the Home Loan Expert. They offer same day pre-approvals with competitive rates, with fast turn times.

Conventional loans can be used for home purchases, as well as rate and term refinances, and cash out refinances. These loans allow for primary, secondary or investment properties. Those properties can be condos, single family homes or properties up to 1-4-units.

Business Loans

Many new start-ups and businesses will use these loans to help cover gaps in the short term, such as paying off bills, purchasing property or other daily expenditure. 

Within business loans, there is specialization. Such as debt products like the commercial real estate loan. You can also get more complex finance deals, like invoice factoring and merchant cash advances.

These loans can help owners scale up their business, or prop it up with inventory. Depending on your size, credit and needs. They can range from a few thousand all the way to over $1 million.

Personal Loans

Whilst the other loans mentioned must be used for a specific purpose, personal loans can be taken for anything. It could be used for debt consolidation, expenses or even a vacation.

Term lengths are generally capped at ten years, with a maximum allowance of $100,000, but usually it’s a lot less. Personal loans can be secured or unsecured with assets. Loans not secured by collateral will have higher interest rates.

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