The different types of hairdressing scissors

You may have noticed that a designer uses a variety of hair scissors while sitting in a hairdresser’s store. Each of these shears has its numerous uses for cutting hair, and this is mostly dependent on your type of hair and the particular style you like.

It can be challenging to determine for novice hairstylists who want to learn the art of haircutting, which quality haircuts you would need for your kit to buy. You have been bombarded with too many options on the market with the different hair-scissor you may need.

The scissors must always reduce hand pain and the risk of developing RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome. Many hairstylists have several sets of shears for various haircutting tasks. Do not spend a lot of money on your first scissors if you are new to hairdressing or barbering because you would want to update them relatively quickly as your style and ability grows.

Through decades of experience and thorough knowledge of the hair industry, we have understood precisely what hair-scissors a hairdresser needs. Here is a list of all the hairdressing scissors you must-have if you plan to be a successful hairstylist;

Bevelled Edge

Bevelled Edge is made of a combination of metals that make them lightweight. Most European scissors also use this style with micro serrations on one or both blades. Micro-serrated blades are perfect if the hair is cut, and you want to avoid the hair slipping down the blade. Often ideal for slow detail cuts or use on dry hair, but not suitable for slice cuts, as the hair jams on the blade. Polished bevelled edge blades are for slicing purposes and can also be used for practically any other cutting technique.

Convex Blades

Convex blades are the sharpest blade with a razor-like tip, often referred to as ‘Japanese Style.’ All of the convex edge scissors are hollow within the blade, and the cutting impact is very smooth. It can be used for all cutting methods, but the ultra-sharp rim is especially suitable for slicing.

Convex blades are made of solid steel, meaning that the blades are much thicker than the bevelled ones. Convex bladed scissors typically cost more than bevelled scissors. You do need expert sharpening, but a pair of convex-bladed scissors can last a lifetime with proper care and daily service.

Short-Blade Cutting Scissors

It is crucial to consider the length of the blades in selecting what professional hair-scissors to purchase. Hairstylists with smaller hands can easily use short-bladed cutting scissors, as they are lighter and have greater power, thereby reducing the manual fatigue. 4 to 5.5-inch blades cutters are perfect for most hair techniques.

Long-Bladed Barbering Scissors:

Barbering techniques like a scissor over the comb allow the scissor to cover a broader hair surface to cut it off with a single snip. The long blades on a scissor ensure a straight, not crooked line. Scissors with a set of 6-7 “barbering scissors are mostly recommended for blunt cutting methods that require straight lines.

Wide-Tooth Thinner Scissors

Slimmer scissors with a limited number of teeth are a must in your pack. Thinner forms are intended for removing chunks of hair. The tiny amount of teeth that are inserted into the thinning scissors gives the hair a higher percentage. This saves you time and energy when dealing with customers with dense or messy hair.

Blending/Texturizing Scissors

It is also possible to overboard and cut more than you originally intended when you thin out the hair with a regular pair of trimming scissors. To stop this, you need to add to your package a thinner with a lot of teeth. The large number of teeth on the textured scissors will gradually thin out the hair without too much at once. This gives you better control and consistency in fine-textured hair.

Swivel Scissors

A lot of tension and stress on your wrist and hands can be imposed during long hours in the salon. The addition of swivel scissors can be an excellent way to relieve your precious hands of pain. Standard hair removal scissors trap the thumb in one spot and can be painful after a while. Swivel scissors have been equipped with a rotating thumb ring that provides versatility in their operation and control. Thanks to the rotating thumb ring, you can accommodate the normal hand motions. This reduces discomfort and gives the hair cutting experience more exceptional comfort.


These are used for fading and accurate hair styling. For their haircuts, most military men and servicemen use clippers. As far as costs are concerned, they are expensive but worth every penny.

Straight/razor comb

It’s used for styling. The sharp razor on the comb takes experience and practice, or someone might end up muddling their hair with rough cuts. The razor comb has one loop that acts as a base for the stylist’s index finger with a single blade on top of the razor. The hairstylist keeps the blade in one hand and makes a fixed cut with the single blade in the other hand.


The most essential equipment for cutting hair is the scissors for hair removal. They look like the ordinary scissors we use in our homes. Their size and shape vary with each stylist preferring that suits her comfort, and they build harder lines than other instruments.


These scissors are used to clean out the edges of short haircuts, as their name implies. They give a polished look to your hair.

Offset Handle Hair Scissors

The best available ergonomic scissors which help in relaxing your hand, your wrist, and your arm. Reduce tiredness when cutting.


These are daunting offset scissors. The top blade is entirely straight, with the thumb ring stiffly bent downwards.

A sophisticated haircut with different design styles requires many shears, but even a great haircut needs clean and accurate cutting tools. A poor selection of haircutting tools can lead to damage to hair and divisive ends. It is crucial for you as a hairstylist to invest your money in buying the best hairdressing scissors.

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