The BIG Secret to Buying Plane Tickets You Should Know

Oh yes. I love these secrets, tips, and hacks when it comes to traveling. The warm period is coming our way, friends. We need to be ready for it.

I love this time just because I’m starting to plan a few new destinations. My husband will kill me when I will tell him that I want to visit at least 10 cities this year.

Using the revealed secret you will see below, I finally found a way to circle around the most expensive tickets travel companies have.

It’s better when you book everything on your own. You will be surprised when you see how pleasant are the people  who are working in the hotels and plane companies.

Did you know that the flight companies are using your browsing habits to determine the price? Oh yes, they are! I’m always using “Incognito window” when I’m searching for flight prices.

There is your first tip right there.

There are other things you need to do. This is a secret flight company really don’t want you to know.

These tricks will ensure you to book a flight for the best price possible.

Here we go:

First, you don’t want to book a flight on Saturday.

Airline prices are highest on Saturday. That’s their business. This is how they got rich. People tend to travel for the weekend. And they know that.

Don’t book on this day. Don’t even do a research on this day. Keep reading and you will find out the whole story behind your “why” question.

Understanding the system

Airlines follow a weekly pricing system and that’s why they set higher prices on their tickets exactly on Saturday.

This is really frustrating for the people who have been checking up the ticket prices for a whole week.

It’s confusing only for those who don’t know how this works.

As I said earlier, you need to understand the system.

So, what’s the secret behind the pricing system?

This system applies whenever you want to book your flight months or few weeks in advance.

It comes from way behind when airlines were available through newspapers or travel agencies. This is where people called to book a flight.

This was the only way to advertise and promote the flights.

Travel agencies were open Monday through Friday and people used to book their flights during this 5-day period.

Yes. I know. Many people book their flights online. However, the weekly system still works to score flight deals.

Pricing executives are doing their work on Monday. They check to see how many seats are available and determine if they need to put them on sale or not. If there are too many unsold seats at the beginning of the week, a sale will encourage travelers to buy tickets.

Airlines still offer sales on Monday

Airlines and their pricing managers are still doing the same thing. When Monday comes, they are checking to see how many unsold seats there are after the weekend when sales are very slow.

Airlines start the week by offering their sales at the beginning of the week.

Here comes Tuesday

On Tuesday, something amazing happens. It’s a war out there in the air. Airlines start matching prices from their competitions and some of them even give them for lower prices.

Anything for encouraging the customers to take their deal.

This means that Tuesday is the best day to score a deal. If you want to get more scientific, this study found that Tuesday at 3 p.m. EST is when the flights are at their lower prices for the whole week.

Just. Wow.

I had no idea about this. This changes everything.

This is how you should book tickets from now on.

Spread the word. Make sure you share this with your friends. They have to know about this.

Source: Diply

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