The Best Ways to Use Ruby Sliders According to Customers

For homeowners who have beautiful wooden floors, the struggle to keep them safe from wear and tear is all too familiar. The benefit of having a rich, beautiful hardwood floor is immense. People choose to have them for the simple reason that they simply bring joy. A wooden floor has character, elegance, and a certain rustic beauty that is unmatched. However, there seems to be nothing easier to scuff, scrape or damage at the exact same time! 

Whether you have remodeled an older home or have built yours new, the dangers of scruffing a hardwood floor are present with any piece of furniture you purchase. Chairs, barstools, end tables all have the potential to leave scuff marks on your floors that can cause permanent damage. Thankfully you don’t have to suffer your floor to take on damage in order to enjoy furniture in your home! 

What Options Do You Have?

When it comes to protecting your hardwood floors and yet still enjoying furniture a few options may come to mind. For instance, floor rugs and placemats can help to serve as good protection from sharp edges of furniture such as chairs or stools, or coffee tables. However, this is not always the best answer to all of your floor damage concerns. 

If you would have wanted to see some kind of area rug over every part of your beautiful wood floors then you probably would have opted for carpet. But the truth is, you wanted wooden floors for the particular reason that you enjoy and even love the way that they look. 

Another option is the DIY project of cutting out pieces of cloth and tediously gluing them to the underside of furniture legs. This can be effective, however, it is a big project and one that may not leave you with the particular aesthetic you desire.

Ruby Sliders

Thankfully there is another option that can keep your floors beautiful, make full use of your furniture, and not compromise at all on aesthetic quality! That option is the Ruby Sliders. These unique sliders are designed with a one size fits all flexibility that allows them to snuggly fit around nearly any furniture leg you all. 

What’s more is that they are fitted with a soft, nano-weave material on the end that makes it impossible to scuff your floors. This soft, durable, and reliable material also allows for easy gliding action over your hardwood. So you don’t have to worry about putting something on your furniture that limits the ease with which it can be moved over your floors. 

Customers are happy with Ruby Sliders Reviews showing how Ruby Sliders have changed their furniture game forever! Placing Ruby Sliders on heavy furniture like couch legs ensures not only that your floor stays free of damage but that you can easily glide heavy furniture over it’s surface when you need to move it. 

Rearranging the furniture not only has never been safer for your hardwood floors but is now easier than ever! This ultra-tight nano-weave material is designed to specifically protect all types of hard surface floors and can completely revolutionize how you view furnishing your home. 

No more uncomfortable moments where your heart stops at the sound of a loud screech across your floor and the birth of a new scratch appears. With Ruby Sliders, you can effortlessly move your furniture wherever you want without ever worrying about damage. 

Customers who purchase Ruby Sliders are given a 10-year guarantee or their money back that this tool will protect their floors. The best method of using Ruby Sliders is to immediately place them on all furniture as soon as you purchase it. You literally have to do this just one time and then you forget about it! 

Ruby Sliders are built to last and are made with the highest attention to quality and performance. Once you protect your floors by placing Ruby Sliders on your furniture you literally never have to think of them again. 

Not only that but Ruby Sliders are affordably priced and can be purchased in bulk so you can be set for life! The universal fit ensures that no matter what kind of furniture you purchase you will not have to risk damaging your hard surface floors. 

So do yourself a favor and join the other satisfied customers who have also used Ruby Sliders to protect and maintain their hard surface floors!