The Best Ways to Get a Whiter Smile

Your smile is something that people notice about you right away, and it’s for that reason people can often end up feeling self-conscious about their teeth. It’s not unusual for people to get in the habit of smiling without showing their teeth, looking down self-consciously as they smile, or even covering their mouth shyly. Everyone wants to have a celebrity smile with white teeth, but for many, it’s not the reality.

If you’re looking for ways to get a whiter smile so you can feel more confident showing the world your teeth, then these tips can help.

Start Making Smarter Food and Drink Choices

Yellowing of the teeth and stains can be caused by a variety of things but in a lot of cases, it goes back to what you eat and drink. Things such as chocolate, red wine, and coffee can all start to stain your teeth over time and leave them looking anything but white. Simply cutting back on these foods and drinks means you’ll be helping to avoid the stains that develop.

When you do have these types of food and drink, follow up with brushing your teeth and giving your mouth a rinse with mouthwash.

Make Sure You’re Brushing Your Teeth Properly with the Best Products

Even if you do brush your teeth two times a day – each morning and night – you may not be doing it “right”. Ideally, you want to brush your teeth for two whole minutes, making sure you get all corners of your mouth. A soft-bristled electric toothbrush can offer just the right amount of pressure to ensure you’re doing a great job.

Another tip is to use toothpaste that is specifically meant to whiten your teeth. Just be sure it’s not too strong so that it damages your teeth. Something with baking soda is usually safe and not too abrasive.

Choose Foods that Trigger Saliva Production

Did you know that the more saliva your mouth produces the cleaner you can keep your teeth and smile? With that in mind, there are specific foods that are known to trigger saliva production, which in fact helps to wash debris from your teeth and act as a neutralizing acid. These foods include carrots, celery, pears, and apples.

Dentists Know Best

As far as the most effective way to whiten your smile, visiting your dentist for a professional teeth whitening treatment is the answer.

Professional teeth whitening is something that patients can ask for from the dentists at Pure Dentistry, as these Brisbane Dentists offer both at-home and in-chair treatments. It really depends on what your preferences and budget are that will determine the treatment option, but no matter what you pick you’ll be looking forward to a much whiter smile. For those Brisbane patients who choose the in-chair teeth whitening, you’ll get instant results, which mean you leave the office with a brand new gleaming white smile.

Feel Great About Your Smile

Each of these tips will help you to achieve a much whiter smile so you can feel more confident in yourself.

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