The Best Steps To Take To Find A Trusted Social Security Lawyer

If you’re like many Americans, you have planned and relied on the promise of Social Security support for your senior years. Millions of people rely on Social Security, and it can be quite a blow to have a claim for this money be denied.

However, it does happen. If you’ve had your claim for Social Security denied by the federal government, you might need to seek the help of a Social Security lawyer.

An experienced Social Security attorney can appeal your case. They can help to ensure you get the money that you require to get by. Of course, if you’re going to hire this kind of individual, you’ll want to hire someone you can truly trust.

What steps can you take to find the best Social Security lawyer out there? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Learn the Basics of Social Security

Before you go and search for an attorney, it’s important to take the time to understand the specifics of your own situation. The more you understand the ins and outs of your Social Security problem, the more you’ll be able to specify your needs to an attorney.

The more you’re able to specify your needs, the better chance you’ll have at connecting with the legal professional who can help you the most.

Recall that Social Security disability is intended for those Americans who have a medical condition that would fall under the umbrella of a disability. In most cases, that means some sort of condition that would prevent you from being able to work long-term.

If you’re able to work, or if you have some form of income still coming in, you might not be eligible for Social Security payments.

The other requirement you’ll need to meet is to have worked in positions during your lifetime that were covered by Social Security. If you did, that means a portion of your paycheck likely went towards Social Security payments.

If you’ve never paid into Social Security during your lifetime, you won’t be able to get anything out of it, even if you’re at the proper age and ability.

Most Social Security denials result from disputes over a person’s disability status. The government can be quite strict in what it views as a true disability. This is where Social Security lawyers can really help.

Finding the Right Attorney for You

Now that you have a better sense of your needs, you can start looking for an attorney who can help you out. There are many ways to find legal help that are worth considering.

The easiest way is to ask around your personal network of friends and family. Has anyone else in your circle successfully navigated a Social Security dispute? Who was the attorney who helped them along the way?

If an attorney did a good job for one of your loved ones, you can feel more confident that they’ll also do a good job for you.

If no one you know has any good attorney recommendations, you can always turn to the internet. There are tons of lawyer referral sites online that list lawyers available for hire.

Of course, you’ll need to properly vet and interview these attorneys to ensure they’ll be a good fit for your case.

If you’re considering hiring an attorney, it’s a good idea to take them up on their offer of a free consultation. This is a perfect time to lay out the details of your case and see what suggestions they offer.

Use this time to judge your relationship with the lawyer. Do they actually listen to you in an engaged manner? Are they able to clearly explain possible solutions and complications to you? Were they easy to get ahold of and talk to?

These are all essential traits of a good attorney.

What to Ask a Potential Hire

There are a number of other things you can ask about to determine how qualified an attorney might be to take on your case.

For example, how long have they been practicing? The more years of experience an attorney has, the better equipped they likely will be to take on your case. Experience means the attorney has seen many cases like yours before.

They will be able to lean on this prior knowledge when suggesting what path of action might be best to take.

They might even have existing relationships with judges or government officials that they can use to your advantage.

It’s also important to discuss their pay structure ahead of time. How will they plan on charging you? Some Social Security attorneys charge by the hour, others might be willing to work for you completely for free.

Whatever the situation, make sure you get all the details upfront and ensure that their services are something that you can afford. If you can’t, don’t be afraid to express this to an attorney and see what solutions they might be willing to offer.

Overall, trust your gut when it comes to picking an attorney. This might be a long and involved relationship, and you don’t want to tie yourself to someone you don’t like.

Hiring a Social Security Lawyer

If your Social Security claim has been denied, you might need assistance getting the money you need. A Social Security lawyer can provide that exact kind of help. The above information will help you hire the right attorney for your case.

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