The Best Place to Buy Packaging Supplies

If you own a business that produces goods, odds are you will need to have a great packaging supplier. Whether you need to ship t-shirts across the country or make gift boxes of your spice blends, you need packaging. There are many factors to consider when making a decision about packaging supplies. Do you need packaging for your product or just for shipping it? How much are you willing to spend? Do you want something customized with your business colors or logo? How quickly can your supplier get you what you need?

There are many companies out there that make packaging supplies. To determine which company will best meet your needs, you will need to consider the following:

  • What supplies do you need? 
  • Shipping boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be very plain or customized to include your business’s name, logo, or colors. 
  • Packaging can also come in different shapes and sizes. The same customization options that apply to shipping also apply to packaging.
  • How quickly do you need to be able to receive your boxes when you place an order?
  • Obviously, custom printed materials will take more time to produce and ship than plain boxes. You will want to research the average lead time of any packaging supplier you consider to ensure they will be able to meet your needs.
  • How much will they cost? 
  • Pricing can vary widely depending on the level of customization you need, the number of boxes you order, and the box size. 
  • Often, suppliers will offer discounts when you order more of a product so if you will be ordering frequently, consider buying in bulk to save money.
  • Does the supplier use sustainable production methods?
  • Environmentally conscious choices are important for all businesses. Everything from the production process to the materials used can impact the future of the planet.
  • Do a little research on the companies you are interested in purchasing from. Do they have sustainable production practices? Are their boxes recyclable or made from recycled materials?
  • Does the supplier produce their product in-house or outsource the work?
  • Customer service and control over the production process may be better suited to your needs if you choose a supplier that makes their product in-house.
  • How do you decide which boxes you need?
  • First, determine if you are interested in custom packaging. Custom boxes are recommended by Box Genie because a box tailored to your company’s look can help make a lasting impression on your customers. The more often they see your brand, the more familiar it will become.
  • Then, decide which style and size of box you need for your products. You may need different kinds of boxes to accommodate all your products. 
  • Color and design choices are the next steps. Some companies offer color and style templates you can use to begin your project. You can also upload your own design, provided it meets the specific requirements for artwork set up by the supplier. 
  • Finally, you will need to decide on a quantity. Often, the price per piece will be lower if you order more. Check with your supplier about possible price breaks for varying quantities.

The choice of a packaging supplier can have a lasting impact on your business. Picking the right packaging can save you money, make a good impression on your customers, and lessen the negative impact of your supplies on the environment. You will want to find a packaging supplier who is easy to work with and responsive to questions. It is also important to have plenty of choices between size, style, and customization. The right combination of these factors can lead to the perfect boxes for your business.