The Best Motorcycle Tours in Thailand

Thailand is one of the Amazing countries for vacation but, how would you like to see the hidden beauty of Thailand on a motorcycle? Motorcycle tours in Thailand are a must for all visitors and have motorcycle routes with different difficulty levels for experts and beginners.

Remember, Thailand is the land of smiles and offers you it’s true charm – green rice fields in the villages, its many pagodas, and the breathtaking valleys. The culture is another thing to admire as the villagers have a strong connection with nature and you can enjoy a southern Thai spicy food on your motorcycle tours in Thailand.

However, before we get to the best motorcycle tours in Thailand, there are a few things you should know and gears you must pack before heading to Thailand:

  • In Thailand, you have to ride on the left
  • As a foreigner, you must have your visa, driver’s license, and International Drivers Permit
  • To avoid harassment from Thai police, always wear a helmet on your motorcycle tours in Thailand
  • Thailand’s roads are deadly and you should be extremely careful about them
  • Hire auto transmission scooter like motorbikes except you want to go off-road
  • Go with enough cash, smartphone, sunglasses, and sunscreen, watch, camera, small purse, and download the best road trip apps.

If you’ve packed the above gears and document, the next thing you will need is a jumper for the mountains and a raincoat if you must travel in the rainy season –July and September.

Mae Hong Son Loop

This tour is the best motorcycle tour in Thailand. This loop starts and finishes in Chiang Mai and has a distance of 420 miles. During this tour, you will get to visit Doi Inthanon National Park, Cave Lodge, Trek near Mae Sariang and watch whitewater caving and rafting.

However, these loops cut through the mountains and you should pack warm clothes to protect you from cold during the night. Mae Hong Son Loop takes you through the cool and amazingly attractive mountains of Mae Hong Son province.

You will start this motorcycle tour in Thailand in Chiang Mai – a large tourist hub. Then, ride west on narrow roads to explore the rugged wilderness and the sundry landscapes of northern Asia.

Assuredly, the loop motorcycle tours in Thailand are fun and you will ride past Buddhist temples, caves, waterfalls, and hill tribe villages. So, prepare to visit countless amazing sites. On the way to Mae Sariang, you ride past the Doi Inthanon National Park where you can make a quick detour and ride to the highest place in Thailand – the Doi Inthanon Mountain (2,565m).

Next, you will ride the most treacherous road in Thailand from Chiang Mai to Pai. This road is narrow and twists and turns into the mountains. Granted, Mae Hong Son Loop motorcycle tours in Thailand are for experienced bikers and you can ride the loop clockwise or counterclockwise.

Nevertheless, if it is your first time to ride in Thailand, I would advise you to ride the loop in the clockwise direction and stop at Mae Sariang before riding the hardest part of the loop.