The Best Kiddie Pools for Summer Activities

The warm days of summer will be here before you know it, and so will summer vacation, which means bright sunny days, summer gatherings, and the kids will be taking a break from school. This means you’ll need some fresh and fun summer activities that are both adult and kid-friendly. Why not turn to an incredibly versatile yet underutilized summer staple, kiddie pools.

Kiddie pools seem to have been around since the dawn of time. We all played in them when we were kids, and now our kids are playing in them.


We can guarantee that pretty much no one looks at a kiddie pool and says, hey, what a versatile toy. Instead, they see kiddie pools with more of a particular job — holding water and holding kids.

But we are here to tell you that kiddie pools are one of the most versatile summer avenues out there on the market, and they aren’t just for children anymore. We have pulled together our favorite kiddie pools and some creative activities to help you get through this summer break relaxed and rejuvenated.

Tropical Kiddie Pool For Dinosaur Excavation

One of the bonus aspects of a kiddie pool is that it is easy to clean. This ease of use means you can fill a kiddie pool with just about anything and still be able to rinse it out and use it as a pool later.

An excellent way to use a kiddie pool to create a young archeologist or geologist dream excavation sight, here is how we made ours:

  1. Pour four 50lb bags of play sand from your local improvement store into your tropical palm kiddie pool. You can always add more sand if your kids are older and you’d like a deeper digging area.
  1. You can get creative with this project and include some surface-level items like plastic palm trees and coconuts that will need to be removed or dug around to get started.
  1. Next, hide rubbery plastic dinosaurs of all sizes in the sand. We also like to hide some pretty crystals and tumbled rocks for your little archeologists to explore.
  1. Finally, provide the tools your kiddos need for their digging. This could be toy dump trucks and excavators to beach sand castle tools. Set your child up with a special box to place all their precious finds.

And let’s be honest, this isn’t just an activity that kids will enjoy. This could easily be catered towards adults and make a great way to send your finds on a treasure hunt or host a sandcastle building contest.

Pink Heart Shaped Kiddie Pool Spa Day

This activity is more for the adults but can be a great way to entertain the kiddos while having some relaxation time.

  1. Find a shady spot to blow up your clear pink heart-shaped kiddie pool and fill it with hot water. If you can’t hook a hose up to your kitchen sink, this may take a few trips to fill with a bucket, but we think it is worth it.
  1. Next, suit up in your bathing suits and set up your Bluetooth speaker for setting the mood with some relaxing tunes.
  1. When the water is at the perfect temperature and height, hop in and pass out some colorful bath bombs to let the kids take turns adding one of each of you to the pool. This will get them engaged and get you a little relaxation time with the warm water.
  1. Finally, you can each take turns painting each other’s faces with a mud mask, be sure to paint a mustache on first, and get ready to relax in the warm water. If the kids want to keep playing even after the water has cooled, you can catch a few rays in the sun as they continue to play in the colorful water.

Kiddie Pools are fun for Everyone.

In conclusion, kiddie pools don’t just have to be for the kids these days. Kiddie pools are incredibly versatile vehicles for summer fun and can provide the container for loads of new activities that you’ve never even dreamed of.