The Best Gifts for Your Best Friends

As the famous saying goes, “Friends are the family you choose”. If you have a best friend who means the world to you, then you probably relate whole-heartedly to this sentiment. 

If you’re on the hunt for a gift for your best friend, you’re probably wondering what to get him/her that will show how much you really care. 

Check out this guide to discover the best gifts to give your best friends. 

1. Friendship Lamp 

If you’re looking for a truly unique gift to give your best friend, we recommend a friendship lamp. 

Friendship lamps are a great way to stay connected with your best friend, no matter how far apart you are from them. To make the friendship lamp work, all you need to do is tap your lamp and your friend’s lamp will turn on. You can send colors through the lamp and convey secret messages that only you and your BFF will understand. 

This is the perfect way to let your friend know that you’re thinking about them without saying anything at all. 

2. Long Distance State Coffee Mug 

Do you and your best friend live in different states? Is your best friend a coffee or tea lover? If so, a long-distance state coffee mug is the perfect gift. 

These mugs feature a “love map” of the states each of you lives in. Then, a dotted line and a heart connect the two states. This way, anytime your BFF makes a cup of coffee, he or she can think of you. 

Give out the perfect gift 

3. Subscription 

There are all kinds of subscriptions out there that can make great gifts. Whether you’re BFF is a gym rat, bookworm, or world traveler, there’s a subscription box out there for her. Here are some of the best ones to consider:

  • Chocolate and Book: With this subscription, your BFF will get a new book paired with a bar of artisanal chocolate and hot drink each month
  • FabFitFun: This box sends all kinds of wellness items such as gym bags, moisturizers, eye serums, and candles
  • YogaClub: This subscription sends you bras, leggings, tops, and jackets that are great for any fitness lover

There are also many cooking subscription boxes out there like Hello Fresh, Green Chef, and Blue Apron. 

4. Photo Book 

You and your BFF have undoubtedly had some epic adventures together. You can turn your photos from these adventures into a beautiful memory book

Not only will your best friend love this gift, but you’ll also have a ton of fun choosing photos and creating captions for each photo. 

This is a very personal gift that’s great for anyone looking for something sentimental to give. 

5. Spa Day 

Spa day gift cards will never go out of style. Not only will this give your BFF the opportunity for some much-needed R and R, but you can also join your BFF for the spa day for some great bonding time. 

Additionally, a spa day certificate is great to give to someone who is trying to minimalize and declutter their home. 

When it comes to what you should include in the spa day, your options are practically limitless. You can choose anything from pedicures to manicures to facials to massages. 

6. A Class for You to Take Together 

Another great “experience” gift to give your BFF is a gift certificate for a class. Whether it’s a gift card for a cooking class, drawing class, or wine-making class, you and your BFF are sure to have fun creating lasting memories. 

If you can’t find a class that you like, you can choose some other type of experience gift such as horseback riding, skydiving, or mini-golfing. 

Now that you have this list of gifts, it’s time to pick out the best one for your BFF! 

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