The best family cars to keep your kids safe

The best family cars to keep your kids safe amidst the chaotic world is a car that stands out in all safety and reliability tests. 

If you are a family person having two cute kids, a lovely husband or wife, and your mom dad, then you’d be extremely worried about buying a car that brings them enough space and great safety. And if you are starting a family or about to start one, you might be looking for the Honda CR-V or the 2021 Subaru Forester; basically, you’d want a car that would have lots of room for cargo and a bundle of safety features. 

Amidst all of this, what’s significant is how well the car works along with a car seat. Whether it’s a sedan, or a crossover, you must look at some leading assessments of the access you’d want and the car-seat fit. 

Emily Thomas, one of the CR automotive safety engineers and a full-time working mom of an infant, says, “Take your seat with you when car shopping to make sure you can get a secure installation in the rear.”

She also said, “If you don’t have a child seat yet, make sure you can easily access the lower LATCH anchors because you’ll most likely be using them.” 

No matter how much you are in love with the SUVs, the tests and our common wisdom tells us that if you are set to install the car seats, then the easiest vehicles to pick are the Sedans. Also, make sure that the essential safety features are available such as automatic emergency braking (AEB) and forward collision warning (FCW) is sitting right there in your car. 

Before we move on to selecting the cars that are best for safety, let’s check the major criteria for the new families or big families Life Stage Score:

  • Easy Access
  • Lots of cargo space
  • Easy and comfortable car-seat installation 
  • Priced at below or par $35,000 (with a full-fledged family, you won’t want to fork out too much)

Subaru Forester 

Subaru Forester is priced within the range of $24,295 and $34,295. 

Life Stage Score: 82

The top-notch features of the Subaru Forester include advanced safety features like FCW and AEB, standard all-wheel drivetrain setup, and excellent visibility. These safety features come as standard in the Forester. The car welcomes you with open hands; it’s very easy to enter and exit. Plus, you can carry a whole stroller in the rear of the car because the room it has is a lot. 

Toyota Camry Hybrid 

Toyota Camry Hybrid is priced within the range of $28,150 and $32,725. 

Life Stage Score: 78

Having three kids, all hanging at your left-right, and center, does not mean that you now need an SUV. It should not push you to buy an SUV in fact. The Camry Hybrid is excellent in terms of roominess and fits most of the car seats. Moreover, it’s one of the most fuel-efficient cars out there! Along with this, the Toyota Camry Hybrid gets 47 mpg in the tests that were conducted. On all its trim levels, FCW, as well as AEB, come standard. 

Honda Accord Hybrid

Honda Accord Hybrid is priced at $25,320.

Life Stage Score: 75

The Honda Accord Hybrid attains 47 mpg in the tests that were conducted. But the best part about the car is its comfy and easy ride. You get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard and some advanced features like AEB and FCW. 

Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V is priced within the range of $24,150 and $34,050. 

Life Stage Score: 75

If you look at the Honda CR-V, you would find a muscular stellar standing in front of you. It gives you a great view of the road, perfect cargo space, and perfect car-seat installation. The door openings are amazing, which makes it very easy for you to enter and access. 

Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze is priced within the range of $17,995 and $26,120. 

Life Stage Score: 74

The Chevrolet Cruze boasts of a lot of stellar qualities like a comfy ride, good handling, and a peaceful interior. The car also scores nicely on the cargo space, child-seat fit, and child-seat access. So, it’ll be perfect for your family. 

If none of these attracted you much, then here are some more great choices:

  • Kia Optima: 73
  • Toyota Prius: 73
  • Mazda 6: 72
  • Nissan Rogue: 70
  • Hyundai Elantra: 69

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