The Best Composite Decking Materials

If you’re in the market for composite decking materials you may be interested to know that modern materials are so much better than they were 30-40 years ago. This is because the new materials are much more attractive, they last longer and they are a lot less likely to stain or fade. What’s more, is modern composite decking is also a lot less likely to be susceptible to mildew and mould. What this ultimately means is your new deck will last so much longer than ever before.

A Variety of Colours

You’ll find that these days there’s a wide variety of colours available, giving consumers so much more choice. The range of colours allows consumers to match the colours of their home or garden or complement them. What this ultimately means is that any decking they install will look good.

Low Maintenance

Modern decking tends to be very low maintenance. As we have already seen it is a lot less susceptible to mould and mildew than it used to be. But that’s not all, composite decking is made from high-quality materials that are less likely to rot, split or crack. This means you won’t have to replace any of your boards in the near future. Thanks to the warranty that most decking comes with you won’t have to replace your decking in the next 10-15 years. However, if something does reduce the quality of your decking and it needs replacing you’re likely to get a free replacement depending on the terms of the warranty.

No Fastener-Related Worries

When it comes to installing composite decking you or the individual installing it will not have to worry about the fasteners. This is because the fasteners are hidden underneath the decking. This means you will not have to worry about mould affecting the fasteners or anything encouraging them to work their way loose. Fastenings on wooden decking, for example, can become rusty and compromise the quality of the deck. This is not an issue that you will have to deal with when you install composite decking. You can simply build your decking and enjoy it. 

How it’s Made

Composite decking is usually made from recycled plastic and wood. High or low-density polyurethane (HDPE or LDPE) along with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are typically used as base materials. Added to these materials is wood fibre in addition to some fillers and a blend of additives. It’s these additives that ensure your new decking is anti-slip as well as mould, mildew and rust resistant.

There are many other types of decking available such as wood or PVC decking, however, they do not always stand the test of time. Needing regular maintenance and failing to be as strong as composite decking, the cost can mount up over the years. Admittedly, composite decking can be the more expensive alternative, however, costs start to even out. As composite decking does not need to be sprayed, varnished or stained with any chemicals it works out to be much cheaper over a period of 10 years.

Installing Composite Decking

Composite decking can be installed quite easily. If you need to cut some of the decking boards down to the required size you can machine them just as you would do if you were using wood decking. Most decking has been designed so that it can be installed horizontally. When you install decking horizontally you should ensure it is over 16 inches on the centre framing. If you wish to install the decking diagonally you should do so over 12 inches on centre joists. What’s more, is you should also ensure that your decking is sat at least 24 inches above the ground. This will help to keep air moving below the deck.

Caring for your Decking

When it comes to caring for your decking you will need to put in a little effort every now and again. While composite decking does not need as much maintenance as other types of decking you should try to keep it clean. Using a low-pressure hose or a watering can, wash your decking and gently scrub away any dirt using a stiff broom. This is all the care that your decking is likely to need over the next 15-25 years, making other types of decking seem quite high maintenance.

Composite Decking Uses

Composite decking can be used in much the same way as any other type of decking. You can use it as an extension of your home or to give you somewhere to sit in the evening. Decking is also ideal if you want your children to play outside but you don’t want them to make your grass all muddy. Composite decking can also add a lot of value to your home and make it a more attractive purchase.

Made from HDPE or LDPE along with PVC, wood fibre, fillers and additives, composite decking has been made to last for at least 15 years ensuring your garden looks good all the time.

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