The Beautiful Job of Being a Mom

Motherhood is one of nature’s best gifts to humanity. Loving and caring mothers are the backbones of many beautiful homes. So we do not hesitate to write about mothers and acknowledge them for all the amazing roles they play in their individual families as social units and the society at large.

Who is a mom?

Biologically, a mom is a vessel that houses a new life and gives birth to this new life (a child). Thus, a woman’s biological makeup, comprising the reproductive organs, makes her the ideal human species to birth new beings.

But biology aside, a mom is much more than the portal people come into the world. And you will get to know why in a few.

Keep reading to know the beautiful roles that accompany being a mom.

Why we write about mothers – the beautiful job of being a mom

Moms are superheroes – both working moms and stay-at-home moms and all the moms out there, so we love to write about mothers.  From juggling many activities at once to being there for every family member emotionally, physically, health-wise (and otherwise), moms are always there for us.

We know this because we have moms in our lives and have met with so many moms that the story isn’t any different.  

So if you are a mom, a soon-to-be mom, or have experienced and witnessed the love of a mother, the following are a few reasons why moms are needed and should be celebrated (you probably know these already, but a reminder is nonetheless needful):

  • Moms are mind shapers

“I love being a mom, even with all of its trials and lessons. The ability to help shape a young mind and allow her to blossom as she is ready is miraculous,” says Kelly, a mom from Washington DC.  Mothers are there always to guide you into your purpose and never leave your side as you build up your ideologies.

  • Moms are the best teachers

Mothers teach everything – from discipline to loving and treating people right and being compassionate to the family’s homemade recipes and culture. So many people are the polite, courteous human beings they are today because of the lessons mom taught. Being able to impact your kids and those around you is a beautiful superpower.

  • Mothers are support systems

Being a support system at every point in time is one of the notable roles of moms. Mothers are the first port of call when a broken heart needs to be fixed, a wounded knee that needs to be cleaned, a volunteer at any school function, a shoulder to cry on, and a source of warmth and strength in difficult times.  A loving mom is always there to cry, mourn, and laugh with the ones she loves.

  • Moms are caregivers

Moms are natural caregivers and homemakers. While a family needs both parenting roles to be a functional home, a mother’s efforts in building a family and keeping a home are unrivaled.  From being sleep-deprived and keeping late nights when nursing to constantly caring and loving even as their kids grow up into adults, moms are intentional about the care they give.

  • Moms are their kids best friends

Just anyone can play the role of a best friend, but having a best friend in your mom is a blessing many pray to have.  Moms are always there to share secrets with, get good counsel from, and fight battles with.

Take away

 While specific special days like mother’s day, birthdays, and valentine’s day are there to celebrate the mothers and women in our lives, a random spontaneous show of appreciation and love will undoubtedly go a long way in making the moms in your lives happy. You can visit our website for many lovely ways to show the moms and women in your lives that you care and trust us when we say; you’d be the reason for the smiling face of a hardworking mom when you do so.

Cheers to motherhood!