The Advantages of Getting Concrete Polishing for Your Business

Like many businesses, it’s likely that you have concrete floors. After all, floors made of concrete are more affordable than other fancier materials and offer more endurance. Whether you run a warehouse, office, or a small business, the longevity of concrete comes in handy, especially when you’re trying to keep expenses under control.

Unfortunately, concrete can also suffer from flaws without proper maintenance. If you notice stains, cracks, unevenness, or other symptoms, then you need concrete polishing services in order to preserve your concrete floor for a lifetime.

Of course, you shouldn’t just trust anyone to polish your concrete. The process can’t be completed to perfection without sophisticated equipment and a team of experienced and trained professionals. One of your best options is Commercial Concrete Polishing — who have helped renowned clients like Costco Wholesale, Jack Astor’s, Tesla, and Medieval Times meet their functionality and aesthetic needs with their wide range of high quality polished concrete flooring solutions.

This company is also a favorite of warehouses as it adheres to all building safety codes and uses the best tools, technology, and environmentally friendly products.

Let’s look at a few advantages of polishing your concrete floors:

1. Aesthetic Appeal

The most obvious advantage of getting your concrete floor polished is that your business will look much nicer — the visual difference between regular concrete and polished concrete is night and day in terms of aesthetics.

2. Energy Efficiency

In the right circumstances, polished concrete can reduce your energy bills because it reflects light. Your business may not need to turn on as many overhead lights thanks to the enhanced ambient lighting from polished concrete.

3. Stain-Resistance

Over time, concrete can attract unsightly stains that catch the eyes of employees and guests alike. When concrete is polished, its surface is sealed and densified, leaving it resistant to water, oil, and other liquids, which can leave stains.

4. Greater Traction

Many people mistakenly assume that polished concrete is slippery, especially if it shines like a mirror. While polished concrete is indeed shiny, it’s not very slippery with the right application. As concrete is grinded during the polishing process, it’s level of resistance increases, increasing traction and making it safer to walk on. Of course, polished concrete’s ability to resist moisture also adds to its traction.

5. Lower Cost

Sure, concrete polishing services will cost a little in the short-term, however, the expenditure is enitely worthwhile in the long-term. Polished concrete is so easy to clean and has such a great lifespan that it quickly pays for itself over a short period.

6. Healthier Environment

Polished concrete is less likely to retain moisture, mold, dust and other allergens, resulting in better air quality at your business. In addition, modern concrete polishing methods do not use hazardous chemicals.

7. Less Wear

As concrete gets older and rougher, it becomes more abrasive. Old concrete floors can wear down boots, lifting devices, and even the tires of your company vehicles. That’s why many automotive businesses pay special attention to floor maintenance — polished concrete floors look good to clients and are easier on your cars.

These are seven advantages of getting your business’s concrete floors polished. With the right polishing team, you can enjoy multiple benefits.

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