The 8 Best electronic accessories for university academic journey

University life is much engaging. There are a lot of books to read with a lot of academic assignments to do. Apart from academic work, other social aspects equally call for your attention. The alcohol drinking parties are among other leisure activities. Finding time for yourself may be difficult while in school.

However, anything that contributes to your academic achievement is worth spending your time. We have listed with the best electronic gadgets to make your academic life easy.

HeimVersion Wake-up light

Are you having trouble waking up in the morning? Are you upset with the morning alarm sound? Consider having this gadget. HeimVersion Wake –up light will wake you up in a very unique and smooth manner. It creates a sunrise effect in the room by its red-tinted light. With time the lamp gradually turns into white

You can combine the gadget with a radio or white noise to give you a smooth morning wake up. It will be doubling as a bedside lamp and night light.

Mpow Noise-canceling headphone

College hostels are full of noise. Noisy environment may not be favorable when preparing for an exam or working out some assignments. You need to block out unnecessary noise. Sometime you may not socialize. That when you take out your pair of Mpow noise-canceling headphones. They give block out such sound as you concentrate on your assignments.

Fujifilm Instax mini nine camera

Don’t miss out on beautiful pictures while at the university. You need to create some future refreshing memories. Fujifilm Instax mini nine cameras are the best camera to help you capture the history of your campus life. No need to focus. The camera shots instant photos. Just pointing and clicking for quality photos.

The camera shoots a high-quality paranoid picture that you can store for a long time.

Top home Earbund organizer

Tangling of the earphones in the pocket is a universal problem. It offers such a bad feeling. But you can avoid the mess. Go for a Top home earbund organizer. You will thank yourself later!

Rocket book smart notebook

Are you still debating between typing and handwriting notes? Experience a difference in note-taking while attending lectures. Rocket book smart notebook offers you the best experience for both typing and handwriting. Once done, you can upload your files on any online platform. Upload to EverNote, google drive, or dropbox. You will go paperless with the help of the gadget and conserve the environment in the long run.

Skygardgand smartwatch

Are you tired of the traditional wrist Clock? experience more with the Skygardgand smartwatch

The watch comes with more features to make your campus life easy. You can monitor your sleep, track your activity level, and check your heart rate. The watch will help you check calls and messages. If you are forgetful, don’t worry. Just set a reminder on your phone.


All the campus hostels are unlikely to have an air conditioner. How do you survive in the hot summer in such rooms! With the ONXE USB Fan, cool breeze will ever be flowing in your room. The fan has a real-time clock as an extra feature.

HP ENVY  5055 Portable Printer

You can’t be relaying the library printers to submit your assignment on time. Purchase your printer to avoid last minutes’ rush. Print your job in time at the comfort of your house. You can also print from your phone as you take a sip at the nearby coffee shop. The printer has wireless and cloud-based compatibility. You will produce your hardcopies from where you are. You can try connecting it to the Alexa device. The printer does not take space.

You need a lot to make campus life smooth.  But the above eight electronic gadgets are more necessary in your academic journey. They will help you enjoy your stay in school as you strive to attain your career goals.

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