The 5 Trends In Organic And Natural Cosmetics

This is the trend. Major cosmetics companies such as focus their research and development on more natural and environmentally friendly formulas. An evolution that follows the new inclinations of consumption but which is also part of long-term management of their supply.

Mentalities have evolved! There is an awareness of environmental issues that are reflected in our bathroom. Zero-waste cosmetics composed of natural ingredients or co-manufactured with local producers, cosmetic trends in 2022 are moving in the direction of a return to nature, transparency, and simplicity. Organic or natural ingredients, bulk or liquid care, what are the current trends in the organic cosmetics market?

1.More Natural Ingredients

Today, there is a quest for care products that are more respectful of the body but also of the environment. This translates into the desire to buy 100% green cosmetic products.

But you have to be careful because claims such as “natural”, “based on…”, “extracts containing…” can be misleading. To identify genuine natural cosmetics, it is best to carefully examine the ingredients listed on the product label.

For example, natural or organic cosmetic products certified (Natural or Organic) must contain at least 95% ingredients of natural origin.

Natural ingredients have many beneficial properties as we have seen with CBD which has many virtues for the skin.

2.A Vow Of Simplicity

This desire to use natural ingredients for skincare products is accompanied by a wish for transparency and simplicity in the composition. Too many ingredients with long names do not inspire consumer confidence.

Having simple and effective products with few ingredients makes it possible to deciliter the shelves of your bathroom. Some cosmetic products then have several uses, which is part of a slow cosmetics approach. Lipstick can be used as a blush for example, or concealer becomes the perfect tool to hide small imperfections.

3.Short Circuits

Using natural ingredients in your product is a good thing, but if they come from the other side of the world, it breaks the challenge of having an environmentally friendly product.

Today, it seems important to have sustainable sourcing with certain traceability. You can work with suppliers who come from Europe or France or even go even further by working hand in hand with small producers in your region.

In addition to minimizing environmental and social risks, it is increasingly easy to offer an organic cosmetic product with natural, local, and even seasonal ingredients! These will therefore be cosmetics manufactured in small quantities, with fresh, effective products and high traceability.

4.Vegan Products

With the desire to market products that respect the planet and health also come the desire to consume vegan cosmetics. Such products are defined by the exclusion of ingredients of animal origin.

The packaging cannot use wool or leather while the care does not contain milk, or beeswax, for example. Animal welfare is at the heart of the values ​​carried by the cosmetic brands that offer this kind of creation.

Since 2013, animal testing has been banned in Europe, and in 2016 the Court of Justice of the European Union banned the import of cosmetics tested on animals. Theoretically, all products on the market are cruelty-free.

5.Less Packaging, If At All

Zero waste is in vogue, and that’s a good thing! The plastics used for single-use packaging often end up in the sea and are highly polluting.

Glass containers, upcycled or recycled packaging, bulk products without packaging; there are many alternatives to replace plastic.

These 5 trends in the cosmetics sector show us that the main desire is respect: Respect for the environment, animals, and their health. Transparency, French, and less polluting products are the red threads in the way of consuming today.

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