The 5 main benefits of acupuncture

Acupuncture is an age-old therapy, and its benefits are still on debate. Some people consider it separate from modern medications, whereas others believe that since it has prevailed for so long, there might be some strong reasons. Over the years, research on Acupuncture is growing. Hence, let’s understand a few benefits of this therapy.

Headaches and Migraines

A review of multiple studies revealed that over 2137 patients found Acupuncture helpful in reducing the intensity and frequency of pain in those who suffered from chronic headaches. Research also found that patients treated with acupuncture experience less pain and fewer headaches than the ones taken in control groups.


Although Acupuncture alone cannot help in treating the symptoms of insomnia, using this therapy alongside other remedies is helpful for those facing sleeping difficulties. Multiple studies have revealed that Acupuncture is helpful for those struggling with pain sleep. However, a 1999 study showed that it could benefit people suffering from insomnia. On the other hand, other studies have revealed that the benefits can extend to anxiety patients and also those who are HIV-infected.

Chronic Pain

One can experience chronic pain all over the body in several distinct ways. Most commonly, people suffer from chronic pain in their neck, shoulder area, lower back, or even knees. Such pain is additionally a symptom of arthritis, and Acupuncture can diminish these symptoms. The 2012 study, alongside the trials of 17000 patients, concluded that it is more significant than just a placebo effect.


Acupuncture’s benefits are not limited to physical effects. Those suffering from depression should go for counselling sessions. Moreover, the weekly acupuncture session is said to benefit just as counselling sessions after three months. Basically, the electric current running through the needles assists in the regulation of your brain’s neurotransmitters. One of the studies suggests that this acupuncture treatment is effective to the extent seen in Prozac.

Impact on recovery

Mostly, Acupuncture has several indirect benefits. It might be possible that Acupuncture does not address extremely serious conditions directly. However, it has been seen that this therapy is highly beneficial during recovery. According to the National Cancer Institute in the US, Acupuncture is helpful in patient’s immunity, healthy cell counts, and platelet, primarily when the treatment is used after chemotherapy. Although it is far from being a solution for cancer, Acupuncture has a good impact on the recovery process and also enhances the quality of one’s life.

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