The 5 Best Sites for Custom Pet Art

Pets can be loving companions and are important members of the family. Many people enjoy showcasing their pets through the use of custom artwork. The form of this artwork can vary, and there are a wide variety of different sources it can come from. This can be both a good and a bad thing, as there is a lot of selection, but it is difficult to choose the best option to create exactly what you are looking for. We have compiled a list of the five best sites to obtain custom pet art, which we will be discussing below.

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You can upload a digital photo of your pet to, and the artist will take care of the rest. The artist will then create an illustration of your pet and turn it into either a portrait, pillow, tote bag, or blanket, depending on what you choose. They offer a choice in background colors so that you can get the perfect piece. As well, ilovepaws also offer unlimited revisions to your artwork until it has completely met your satisfaction. The average order will be completed within 3-4 business days after it has been placed.

This website is interesting because the artists will create an abstract portrait of your pet. How it works is that you will select your breed of pet. The website has over 150 different breeds to choose from, so it is likely that yours will be there. You will then choose the specifications of your portrait, including the desired design, color, and size. After this, you can add your pet’s name to the portrait. All orders have free shipping, no matter where you live in the world!


Etsy is an online marketplace website that contains the work of many great pet artists. You can scroll through Etsy and look at the different images that you can purchase. Etsy has artists who make custom pet jewelry, clothes, and portraits, among other things. When you work with an Etsy artist, you can communicate back and forth with them to ensure that your custom art is made exactly to your specifications.   

Crown & Paw

Crown & Paw creates portraits of your pets wearing an outfit or costume of your choice. All you have to do is select the costume on the website and then upload your photo. The costumes come in several different varieties and include wizard robes, admiral jackets, army fatigues, sports uniforms, or astronaut suits, among others. The artist will have the pet wearing the costume in the finished product. This website specializes in 19th century-style portraits and Renaissance-era artwork.   


This pet art website offers a lot of specifications when it comes to the finished portrait. The user first uploads their digital photo, which can be of up to 3 pets. The size of the portrait can range from 8×10 to 24×36. The user can also choose the background color that they desire, or they can leave it up to the artists’ discretion. The artists do quick work, providing the user with a proof five business days after the order has been placed, and delivery time of 2 weeks after the proof has been approved. Mypoochface also offers a 100% money-back guarantee if the user is not satisfied with the final outcome.

Reasons for Getting Custom Pet Art

There are many good reasons for ordering a piece of custom pet artwork. A common reason for doing so is to memorialize a beloved pet after they have passed away. Having custom artwork that resembles their exact likeness is a touching tribute to the good memories that were had.

Another popular reason for ordering pet artwork is to give it away as a gift. Pet owners love to admire their animals, which can easily be done by the use of artwork. Giving a custom gift such as this is a generous way of showing someone how much you care.

You can also order pet artwork for no reason at all. A nice piece of artwork can be a great addition to your home, and your pets are sure to love it too! Many suppliers will allow you to choose the exact size of the artwork, so you can make it fit perfectly on a wall in your house.



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