The 10 Best Creams for Anti Aging

With 2020 in the books, it’s time to work on undoing some of the stress that this pandemic has caused on our skin. Yes, your skin can become stressed out from new environments. A moist face mask puts your skin in an entirely different environment, and you may be experiencing some “maskne,” but even harsher is all the new disinfectants and alcoholic cleaners our skin now comes in contact with, including our faces.

That’s where a great anti-aging cream comes into play.

However, the ingredients lists for some products can be miles long, and knowing what to look for in an anti-aging cream can make all the difference. Keep your skin care regimen in check with products and creams that actually help reduce signs of aging.

We’ve rounded up the 10 most essential ingredients and creams in the best anti-aging cream.

1. Retinol — Is a vitamin A derivative that helps produce collagen and increase blood flow by stimulating new blood vessels to grow. New blood vessels mean more oxygen and happier, fresher skin cells. It is best to use retinol at night, so it can fully absorb into your skin. It does not react well with the sun, and you should always follow with sunscreen use.

2. Vitamin C — Is a powerful antioxidant that destroys free radicals. Antioxidants help fight off free radicals and toxins that age and discolor our skin. They are the superheroes of anti-aging.

3. Peptides — Are small but mighty proteins that stimulate collagen. They are known as the building blocks of collagen. Collagen is integral to our skin’s vitality and youthfulness as it creates elasticity, and skin that continues to produce collagen is less likely to have wrinkles.

4. Caffeine — Helps to prevent inflammation and swelling and is excellent at reducing puffiness under and around the eye area. Caffeine is derived from green teas can also provide an antioxidant boost.

5. Hyaluronic Acid — HA is a sugar molecule found in our skin and joints. It helps to lock in moisture and keep skin wrinkle-free and elastic.

6. Glycolic Acid — Is the teacher’s pet of the cream world. It is excellent at exfoliating to brighten skin and fade dark spots. It also reduces fine lines, helps in the prevention of acne by purifying the skin, and even increases skin thickness. There is nothing creams with glycolic acid can’t do for your skin!

7. Ceramide — Is the crack filler of the skin world. It seeps into all the nooks and crannies, holding the skin together and helping to lock in moisture and create a protective layer against environmental stressors.

8. Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 — Is packed full of antioxidants that help fight dark spots on the skin and help reduce wrinkles by naturally tightening skin and reducing pore size. It also helps reduce water loss and helps skin maintain its moisture, which helps keep the skin smooth and supple and looking hydrated.

9. Salicylic Acid — This is a mild exfoliant that helps fight blackheads and whiteheads by penetrating pores. It purifies the skin and sloughs away, unwanted dead skin to keep your skin feeling and looking younger and less dull.

10. Sunscreen — Prevent damage done by UV rays and stop skin cancer in its tracks. Sunscreen is everywhere. It is one of the most prolific creams on the market and is made to protect your skin from the everyday damage done by the sun.

The Best Nightly Cocktail is One that Protects your Skin

In the end, it is a cocktail of creams and ingredients that help keep your skin hydrated, fresh, and healthy. Adding in creams with anti-aging properties properly into your regimen will only increase the likelihood of younger, more supple-looking skin.

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