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Public transportation can be a convenient and inexpensive way to get to work or travel from one place to another in Texas, but when you get on a bus, you are putting your safety in the hands of the bus driver and the company of buses, which can be a scary thought considering that bus accidents happen more often than you think and have the potential to cause more damage than most other motor vehicles. Buses are enormous, vehicles are heavy, and when involved in an accident, buses can cause serious injury., death, or destruction of property. If you or someone you love has been injured while riding a public bus or getting on or off a bus, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries, medical bills, and other damages. Contact our Zehl & Associates bus accident attorneys today to discuss your legal options.

Common causes of bus accidents

A bus accident is an accident involving any type of bus, including a public bus (i.e., city or transit bus), school bus, tour bus, motorbus, party or limousine bus, private bus, bus charter, commercial bus), or any other vehicle that can accommodate more than ten people. Buses are considered “common carriers,” which in the United States means they carry people and goods from one location to another, and when a bus accident occurs, it is not always easy to determine what caused the accident, who has the fault and how you should proceed to obtain compensation for your injuries. Many Texas bus accident injuries occur when a bus driver:

Loses control of the bus

Deflects or breaks suddenly to avoid hitting something or someone

Lose consciousness

Falls asleep at the wheel

You are distracted while driving

Make a wrong U-turn to the left

Other common causes of bus accidents in Texas involve:

A pedestrian standing in the way of a bus

A defective or malfunctioning part of the bus

Another vehicle crashing into a bus

Mechanical failure

Inclement weather

Unsafe road conditions

liable for your injuries.

Competent and capable bus accident attorneys

The result of a bus accident in Texas can be stressful and overwhelming, and your first priority after a bus accident should be to make sure that you and your loved ones receive the medical care they need. If your injuries are severe, you may need emergency surgery or long-term medical attention, which can be expensive and life-altering. Even if you don’t appear to have suffered an injury, you should see a doctor as soon as possible after the accident. Physical severe trauma like internal bleeding or a neck injury isn’t always immediately apparent, and if you don’t seek medical attention right away and the injury worsens over time, you may have difficulty proving that the bus accident was the cause of the injury. Once you have sought adequate medical attention, your next step is to find a Texas, bus accident attorney with experience in handling bus accidents to help you recover the compensation you are entitled to. Our Zehl & Associates bus accident attorneys are familiar with Texas transportation laws, and with our legal team on your side, you can improve your chances of maximum recovery.


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