Before you start feeling guilty, understand that we get it. What’s not to love about upholstery fabrics? Fabrics that can turn your living room from a boring four-walled enclosure into an exciting haven and fabrics you’re probably obsessed with if you find yourself nodding to these ten signs.

1. Fabric-infested browser history

You visit online fabric stores and blogs about upholstery fabrics regularly. You might even have your own blog where you dish out juicy takes on all things upholstery. That’s a sign right there.

2. Tons of catalogs and sample swatches

You’re subscribed to more than one fabric magazine. You also receive sample swatches from online stores for fabrics you have no intention of buying soon. You have so many catalogues and swatches that they’re beginning to spill out of your desk drawer. 

But it would be atrocious to even think of throwing them out.

3. Your friends would rather come to you for suggestions than ask Google

You’re the upholstery fabric search engine within your circle. Your friends know Google has nothing on you when it comes to advise on upholstery fabrics. And they use that knowledge constantly. Your obsession has become an open secret.

4. Frequent trips to fabric stores

When last did you visit the fabric store? If your answer is sometime within the month, then there’s a huge chance you’re obsessed. You can’t just avoid going over to the store to check the new stock of fabrics, even when you don’t intend to buy. Stores like the Yorkshire Fabric Shop are your own idea of heaven.

You’ve even got them on speed dial!

5. You analyse furniture everywhere you go

It doesn’t matter if it’s a chic hotel or a simple coffee shop. The first thing you notice when you step into a place is their upholstery. You analyse if the fabric can stand constant use, if the lighting might cause it to fade, etc. You’ve turned into the Sherlock Holmes for upholstery fabrics.

In fact, the judging of a fabric’s worth has now become… elementary.

6. You always give fabric advice even when you’re not asked

Your sleuthing doesn’t just end in analysing upholstery fabrics. You also take the extra step and share your thoughts with the unsuspecting waiter. You don’t know it, but the waiter thinks you’re obsessed. And he just might be right.

7. You constantly stare at your own upholstery

You don’t want to change it. You don’t want to reupholster. You just want to stare at it for long minutes and admire how the fabric goes well with the natural theme of your bedroom. 

8. Every room has its own unique theme

Your bedroom has an electric pop look while your living room has more of an earthy vibe. The reason for the different themes: You loved a wide variety of fabrics, and having multiple themes was the only way you could them all.

9. Upholstery statement piece(s)

A statement piece is that one piece of décor that catches your eye immediately you enter a room. It could be a painting, cabinet, or lamp. But somehow, all the statement pieces in your home are furniture. A chair, sofa, or headboard covered in that bold upholstery fabric you just couldn’t let go of.

10. It takes you ages to pick one fabric for yourself

It’s finally time to choose the upholstery fabric you would use for your new highback chair. And you just can’t make that choice. Why? Because you love them all!

So, what’s the diagnosis? Do you have fabric fever? Well, it really doesn’t matter. At the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, your cure lies between the folds of the wide variety of fabrics we have available. Your obsession will be well satiated by our wide range of fabrics from all over the world. Our worldwide delivery service ensures that no matter where you are, you can feed your obsession for upholstery fabrics and come back for seconds.


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