We live in the worlds where people follow the bandwagon of trends. These trends have deeply become a part of our lifestyles. With the rise of bloggers and social media health, many people are converting to the tides of trends in fitness. Back in the days, fitness-based video games and vibrating dumbbell significantly inspired people to start working out. However, in 2020, the fitness world is yet again mostly manipulated by large companies to bring the people towards healthy sides. The technological advancement is also swarming the industry with new trends and practices around the globe.

The year 2020 will mostly revolve around the technological booms and social media influence in the fitness industry. Many old trends are indeed fresh and consistent in the current year. But still, there is enough room to add more and bring a unique experience to the people. The recent decade has been quite famous for inventive fitness trends and workouts practices. These trends include meditation applications, hybrid spin classes, or lunchtime diets. At the same time, the current year is turning out to be lining up a new fitness fad crop. With that said, let’s discuss ten trends in the fitness industry that could define 2020.


Intuitive fitness is the latest buzzword in the current year that picks up quite a lot of attention among people. In essence, intuitive wellness is all about communicating with your body and build trust in achieving fitness goals. Many people always complain about feeling under-motivated and guilty of putting on more weight. On the other hand, some people consider exercise as the punishment to the body, thus avoiding it at all costs. Instead of putting the guilt for working out in the gym, intuitive fitness limits the workout to the body’s capacity. This way, you will not hurt yourself and your body and still keep up with your fitness goals.


With technology innovating the numerous aspects, it has also enhanced the way people used to exercise. The rise of wearable technology has revolutionized the exercises and workout practices around the globe. These technological gadgets include everything from smart watches, fitness trackers to aeroski and HR monitors. These technologies have played a significant role in motivating people towards the fitness industry. Many tech giants like Microsoft and Google are also coming forward to collaborate with these gym wearable technologies to promote the latest trends.


Group training has become another norm in the fitness industry. It is mainly because of the social interaction and motivation among the people to work out together. The group training instructors teach and motivate each individual for multiple group exercises. This training focuses on helping people to reach an adequate fitness level while welcoming new techniques and tools. If you think that group training could be a career move, there are plenty of options available to you. One of which could be to enrol onto an online Pilates course and become a fully qualified Pilates instructor.


There have always been concerns over meditation being separate from the fitness industry. However, it has finally been made compulsory because of its countless health benefits. How many fitness instructors will always advise fitting the meditation between the exercise and schedule?


Apart from group training, the current year has also enabled people to perform dynamic at-home sessions. Now with the world facing a pandemic situation, traditional gyms are becoming obsolete. Now, most people tend to work out at home rather than visit the gym daily. The main reasons for that could be the streaming services and mobile applications, which have made learning exercise sessions a lot easier. The latest trend involves everything from bodyweight movement, yoga to band workouts.


Fitness is nothing without a diet, and 2020 is going to mark the year of plant-based diets. This diet not only helps with exercise cycles but also reduces the risk of developing severe health complications.


Exercise is no longer a fitness activity, but it also helps in wellness and recovery. Gone are the days when the workout was the only thing to shed the weight and nothing else. In the current year, it has become even more than just fitness. Many people have started working out for recovering from different diseases rather than just for making chiseled abs.


The free-weight training has never gotten old, yet it is becoming superior in 2020. With the whole world under lockdown because of the pandemic, many people tend to work with free weights. Mostly, many women are increasingly coming towards training with free weights for maintaining better health and fitness.


As said earlier, the technological revolution has streamlined the fitness industry with more useful and reliable practices. The mobile applications can now allow you to learn exercises in a matter of time. The advanced features and cutting edge details of the application also motivates the enthusiasts to pursue their fitness dream.


With the aging baby boomers, the fitness industry is widening its approach to meet the elderly groups’ health needs. For that instance, there are many fitness programs to help older adults for their physical health.


As technology becomes more advanced, the mainstream health and physical activities are flowing out in the fitness industry. Whether it is the nutrition side of wearable technology, the fitness industry’s fads are always valuable for keeping up with the fitness styles. The health instructors can also help you to seek the best trend that suits your healthy lifestyle.


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