Temu vs Shein vs Wish: Which Is Best?

We used to head to department stores if we wanted to shop for everything from clothes to household goods and games. As the internet makes it easier to shop from home and gives us access to more products at better prices, sites like Shein and Wish have become incredibly popular. 

But now there’s a new store on the block. Temu launched in the US in September 2022 under PDD Group and hit a promising start; achieving #1 in the Google Play Store in just a few weeks. What is Temu -They are a sister company of Pinduoduo, one of the largest commerce platforms, handling 61 billion orders in 2021. 

What is Temu, how does it work? Temu has access to PDD Group’s incredible network of over 11 million suppliers, so you may be wondering if they can offer you a better experience than Shein and Wish. Let’s compare the 3 sites so you can decide which one should be your go-to shopping app or site this holiday season. 

Temu vs. Shein vs. Wish: Range of Products 

Let’s start by comparing their range. 

Temu adds thousands of curated new products every day across hundreds of categories at seriously impressive prices. As we said above, Temu is part of PDD Group, so Temu has access to its network of 11 million small business suppliers. 

Shein offers clothing and household goods, with a few other things like stationery thrown in. You won’t find any furniture or other more substantial items in their product listings. They reportedly have around 600,000 items and 200 suppliers, so their range is much smaller than Temu’s. 

Wish does have a huge range of categories, like Temu, at great prices. Their website is more difficult to navigate to find products you actually want and need, as their products aren’t easy to filter through, unlike the other two stores. 

Temu vs. Shein vs. Wish: Where Products are Sourced 

All three of these sites sell products made by partner suppliers, so it’s good to know which products are being sold by which supplier so you can buy from the ones you like. 

Temu links to the supplier on the product page, right below the product’s name. It also tells you how many other people have bought the item, and how many products that supplier has sold through Temu overall. Each merchant on Temu has their own store page. 

Shein does not tell you which supplier sells a product. 

Wish does tell you which supplier offers the product, but there are no other details besides the name of the seller. 

Temu vs. Shein vs. Wish: Shipping 

Temu offers free standard shipping on allorders, plus free express shipping on all orders over $99. Free shipping on any order means it’s cost-effective to just grab those few little things you need from time to time. 

Shein also offers free standard shipping, but only on orders over $29. They also offer free expedited shipping on orders over $129. 

Wish does not offer free shipping on a site-wide scale, and all products have their shipping calculated individually, so while the prices of products are generally low, shipping can get pretty pricy. 

Temu vs. Shein vs. Wish: Late Delivery Policy 

Temu has a great late delivery policy, which is pretty unusual for any company. If your delivery is late, they’ll give you a $5 credit which you can use for your next purchase as a token of their gratitude for your patience. Not bad when you consider shipping is free! 

Neither Shein nor Wish offers any late delivery policy. 

Temu vs. Shein vs. Wish: Returns 

Knowing how a company handles returns is an important consideration before you buy, as you don’t want to be stuck out of pocket because they don’t allow returns or make it inconvenient for you to make a return. 

Temu makes it easy to make a return, offering your first return on any order for free within 90 days. 

Shein offers a free return within 45 days. 

Wish offers returns within 30 days, but it’s rarely free. 

Temu vs. Shein vs. Wish: Care for the Environment 

We all know that there are pros and cons to buying things online, but getting the product from door-to-door requires a lot of energy, and that creates carbon emissions which negatively impact the planet. 

If you’re an environmentally conscious person, you’ll want to ensure you’re doing your part for the planet, and if that’s the case, Temu is the only smart choice for you. Temu is one of the first companies to offset carbon emissions for every delivery made on their platform. 

Neither Shein nor Wish currently offers this. 

For me, there’s a clear winner here – Temu! They’ve got a great range of products at great prices. They care about their customers, and they are finally marrying low costs and convenient products with more eco-friendly practices. Ready to shop there for yourself? Click here to try Temu now, or download the Temu app on your phone. 

Image by: © armmypicca, 123RF Free Images